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Hogwarts Exterior, The Pond

Hogwarts Exterior, The Rooftop

Hogwarts Exterior, The Tower

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Level 2

Hogwarts Exterior

The Pond


By now you have obtained 1 Triwizard Shield and 5 new Collector’s Cards:

The five Salamander Jinx Cards


Each Player also has a number of Boost Cards for Stamina, Jinx and Accio, that can be purchased with the number of Beans written on each Card:

Set of Energy Boost Cards


Harry, Ron and Hermione are standing outside on a lit octagonal star shaped tile of a passageway on a rainy night. Start running forward.

Back again, eh? And there are still several Shields to collect.

As soon as Moody speaks these words you’ll find your 1st Mini-Shield by the staircase leading downward on your left.

Collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield.


You have to find one more Triwizard Shield to unlock the next location. The Triwizard Shields are larger and sparkling blue, whereas the Mini-Shields are more shiny blueish and smaller.

Avoid the staircase for now and continue straightforward. Turn left until you’ll find 4 small blocks standing in your way. Move some of them with Wingardium Leviosa and throw them overboard. Summon the blue Beans and you’ll meet a second set of stairs leading downward. If you follow the path to your right you’ll hear Moody saying:

Ah, yes. I think you’ll find this next creature... interesting...

Ron: Interesting? Interesting!? There’s no way that can be good!

So better listen to Ron’s advice and take the stairs on your left. Move the block to the next wall with a combined cast and climb all the way up to a square with a Pond and a central fountain with a Triwizard Shield, surrounded by a walkway with flame jets.

You cannot enter the Pond


Take any side and extinguish all the flame jets (summoning their Beans) and extract Beans from the pots. Also summon all rewards you see. On the  opposite side of the Pond, you’ll see a fenced gate with a grilled door in front of a huge fire.

Turn around here and stand on the ledge by the pond (you may also run around the other side and get more Beans, and return to this spot).

Cast Accio to summon your 2nd Mini-Shield. You can’t summon the Triwizard Shield yet and will have to return here later on when you have earned more powerful Spells. Then open the gate in front of the big fire with Carpe Retractum.

You should be able to climb that!

Moody refers to a block standing on a ledge on your right. Jinx a first Dark Detector in the corner on your right and from now on Jinx all the Dark Detectors you meet to earn rewards. You can also Jinx one of the pots for Beans. Extinguish the fire and collect your 3rd Mini-Shield.

Apply combined Wingardium Leviosa and levitate the block onto the Flower-bed in front of the left tower. On top of the second tower there is another Mini-Shield and on top of the adjacent wall a Triwizard Shield.

Climb up to the tower and cast Carpe Retractum on the draw-bridge. Cross to the next tower with the block where you collect your 4th Mini-Shield. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the block and position it where the previous one used to be. Jump down to the block and up to the wall, and collect your 2nd Triwizard Shield.

Your status will now be upgraded to Intermediate and a new level on the Level Select Screen has been unlocked:
Forbidden Forest. You will need 3 more Triwizard Shields to unlock the next location.
Now select Hogwarts Exterior.

Back on the octagonal star-tile return all the way to the Pond where you found the previous Triwizard Card. You’ll have to repeat the same show though, move the block, put out the fire jets, get Beans, open the door, move the block, retract the Draw-Bridge, move the second block and jump to the wall. Proceed to the end of the wall and Jinx your 1st Dragon Statue, that you could not see (or hardly had seen) where you were beamed back. (NOTE: A Jinx before having taken the Shield would have earned that Statue too).

Press ESC and select End Level. Now return again to Hogwarts Exterior.

Up to the next Sublevel: Hogwarts Exterior, The Rooftop!


Return to Hogwarts Exterior and arrive by the Checkpoint, and first get your 2 extra Frogs from the Rooftop. Proceed to the Pond and from the front ledge cast Herbivicus on a row of Lilies to reach the Central Fountain.


Take the Shield


Now you’re finished here. You’ll return to the Level Select Screen and Select now Moody’s Challenges. You still have two more Challenges to go.