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Level 10



A Graveyard by night... and a conversation...
Cedric. Get back to the cup. Now... !!!
Iím not leaving you!
Kill the spare.

Harry Potter. Te boy who lived. Iím going to destroy you.


Crucio! Come on, Harry. Letís see what schoolboy Spells you have up your sleeve...
Voldemort sends an Army of Skeletons towards Harry. Do you want me to finish it, Harry?  
Jinx the Skeletons who are approaching Harry, that isnít very difficult to do.
Oh, well done, Harry! If only Dumbledore could see you now...

Voldemort keeps standing on the same spot like a statue


He keeps going on teasing Harry with his venomous words: Thatís the stuff. Harry! Your parents would be proud. I thought youíd been taught how to duel, Harry... Youíll have to do better than that, Harry.
While dealing with the ever appearing Skeletons pick up as many Pumpkin Pasties as you can to keep you in good condition.

A little Break? That hurt, didnít it, Harry? Well, well. Your filthy Muggle mother would be proud. Voldemort is getting meaner and frustrated because he realizes Harry has become much more powerful than he ever imagined.
I want to see the light leave your eyes...

Lord Voldemortís true face is twisted with hatred for Harry


Keep a good eye on Harryís stamina meter in the upper left corner. It should go up and down but still keep close to 100 Hearts.
Donít turn your back on me! Expelliarmus!

From now on Voldemortís and Harryís spells combine into a Bolt of white Fire in between them. Move the bundled Spell Energy to smash Skeletons and to destroy graves and statues so you will be able to move faster when the final battle comes.

Bow to death, Harry.


Voldemort is lifting a huge Statue that he keeps thrusting at Harry. Evade the Statue and when it smacks on the ground send an Energy Bolt to it.

The Statue keeps flying around

Your mother canít help you now, Harry...


Stay where you are! After about 10 to 12 hits the Statue should explode.
My Lord?  In this confusing scene we see how Voldemort blasts a spell and Accio the Triwizard Cup. Stun him!
The screen gets black: Heís back. Voldemortís back...

Cedric lies dead on the ground


Dumbledore and friends are approaching the battlefield. With dark and difficult times comes a choice...

All are gathered in Hogwartís Chapel now


...between what is right and what is easy. Should you ever waver, remember Cedric Diggory. A boy who was kind and brave and true.
And this is the sad ending of this story:

Harry is weeping by a waterfall


No matter how convincingly you tell the story of what happened tonight, few will believe that Voldemort has returned. But tell the story you must.

The End...