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Level 5

Triwizard Task 1: the Dragon

In this first of three Triwizard Tasks Harry will fly on his Firebolt through a Forest, Hogwarts and a Lake , followed by a Dragon that is constantly dropping bombs. Avoid hitting anything or you'll lose Stamina. Harry will meet two kinds of circles that he can fly through Ė or avoid: Circles constituting 6 Beans and full Blue Circles:

Circle of Beans

Blue Circle

Both kinds of Circles close together


Flying through (or touching) a Bean Circle will add 6 Beans to your teller on the left corner of the screen. Flying through a Blue Circle will temporarily boost up your speed about 10 times or more. Pressing and holding C will about double your speed. You can earn up to three Triwizard Shields by completing this task.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

First try to fly through as many Bean Circles as you can, avoiding the Blue Circles and not pressing C. The first time I did it this way I earned Bronze, good for 1 Triwizard Shield.

On your second trial still avoid Blue Circles but boost up your speed a few times in between gaps of Bean Circles by pressing C. I got Silver, good for another Triwizard Shield.



On your third trial for Gold you also have to use the Blue Circles to really speed up. If you meet two kinds of Circles close to one another ALWAYS fly through the Beans! Also in the Hogwarts section keep pressing C, because that section is the slowest of all and there are no Blue Circles there.

Gold! The 3rd Triwizard Shield earned


And you can always return here later on and improve your time. Only one Triwizard Shield is needed to unlock your next Level: Prefectís Bathroom. So if you earn Bronze that would be sufficient. Then you will need 1 more Triwizard Shield and unlock your next location. Now letís all meet at Prefectís Bathroom... Level 6!

Now up to Level 6: Prefectís Bathroom, The Golden Egg...