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Herbology, Gillyweed

Herbology, Exploring Greenhouses

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Level 7



Neville sent us a note. It says: “Try looking in the Herbology Greenhouses for Gillyweed. It’ll help you breathe underwater for an hour”.

Standing on the balcony, descend the staircase and keep Jinxing with Accio a Goblet in the corner for about 10 times (exhausting Beans). In the other corner is a Pumpkin Pastie. Go down the stairs for another Goblet and Jinx your 1st Dragon Statue. A Triwizard Shield in a bed of poisonous Mushrooms is inaccessible for now.

Remember this Shield.


The Garden is full of Pots. Most will break by the first Jinx and shed Beans. Notice that your Jinx Spell is bouncing around and may hit other items. Jinx your 1st Shovel behind the fence, and your 2nd Shovel near the Bubotuber root (the Bubo is still not there). Take a Choc Frog hopping around.

On your right 3 blocks are in the way of a metal staircase that is overgrown with vegetation. Turn left and Jinx some more Pots in the corner. Watch out for Spiky Plants. Accio a Cauldron Cake in a flower bed and one behind the opposite flower bed.

Open the gate by the lock and enter a circular garden. Move around while taking 3 Pumpkin Pasties and your 1st Mini-Shield out of 10 to collect to earn an extra Triwizard Shield. In the middle of the gazebo is a pedestal with the Herbivicus Spell Book!

Earn the Herbivicus Spell


This Spell will allow you to grow Plants and Flowers! Return through the gate and experiment with some Flower Pads. Cast Herbivicus on a Pad long enough to have it grow into a Flower and Accio the Beans the Flower will shed!

Move the rocks in front of the staircase out of the way and cast Herbivicus on the Flower Pads so they will open up and give access to procede. Now you can climb up the metal staircase past the Greenhouse with all the big Dragons Statues on top. Summon a Cauldron Cake on a ventilation window.

Down the next set of stairs is your 2nd Mini-Shield. Proceed and enter the next Greenhouse. Go down the stairs and Jinx the Chest and as many Pots and as you can for Bean rewards. As soon as you enter the ledge to the Ponds a giant Vampyr Mosp will appear and attack.

Your first encounter with a nasty Vampyr Mosp


Cast Vermiculus to turn it into a Larva and Jinx the Larva for a Bean explosion. Open the Lily Pads with Herbivicus and first build a path to the right where you can pull a Bubotuber to destroy a bed of poisonous Mushrooms. Take your 3rd Mini-Shield.

The 3rd Mini-Shield was hidden in the Mushrooms behind these Bubos


Build a path across the Pond to where the Bubotober guards a poisonous Mushroom bed. Meanwhile Vampyr Mosps keep attacking forever. Catapult the Bubo into the bed and make it free. Then Herbivicus a path to the right and once ashore take a Pumpkin Pastie.

Open a huge Purple Flower Pod with Herbivicus and it will attract the Vampyr Mosps with a purple fog – until it closes again. Run further and grab your 4th Mini-Shield. Jinx the 3rd Shovel and your 2nd Dragon Statue, and break some Pots.

Now go to the far left part and retract a Draw-Bridge


From the middle go left still, descend a staircase and pass the Draw-Bridge. Open some more Plants on the tree. Proceed until the next Draw-Bridge and pull it down. Run down the stairs. Your way is freed because the poisonous Mushrooms are gone. Run up the stairs, Herbivicus two Plants and run up to the next catwalk. Now you will leave this Greenhouse. Go down the stairs and find the octagonal star-shaped Checkpoint of this Level. Make sure to step on it.

The position of the Checkpoint

Under the stairs you can Jinx your 3rd Dragon Statue and take your 5th Mini-Shield. When you Jinx your 4th Shovel on the front side, the gate will open and a Skrewt will try to enter the garden. Take care of him from behind. A second one will emerge, so get that one too. Extinguish the fires.

Go up the stairs and take your 6th Mini-Shield. There are two Pumpkin Pasties. The Triwizard Shield in the upper Alcove is available from a tree branch, but you’ll have to find a block to go up and that will be found on the next visit.

On top of the staircase enter a new walkway on your left. You’ll be attacked by loads of ever coming Vampyr Mosps. Act fast here to take the least damage. Turn right by the Small Greenhouse intersection and pull a Draw-Bridge around the corner that you can’t access because of a gap. Turn around and keep right until you see a Triwizard Shield (summon some Pumpkin Pasties on the way). Go inside the Greenhouse where an entrance has been opened to the Draw-Bridge.

Retracting the Draw-Bridge will make an entrance accessible


Proceed left to the staircase, Herbivicus some Pads to get up and enter a small area containing lots of goodies. Jinx your 4th Dragon Statue in the corner. Use the Cauldron to destroy 2 Bird Statues for Beans.

Open the gate and catch your 7th Mini-Shield and take a Pumpkin Pastie in the corner. Watch out for the Vampyr Mosp that is appearing. Use the Cauldron to smack the Bird Statue in the next area for a few Beans more and run down the stairs.  

Before going down the last set of stairs Jinx a Goblet in the corner. Then enter a lower garden with Bubobubers. The Goblets there are empty but you can Jinx your 5th and final Shovel. Some pots contain Beans too. Smash the Pot left of the 3 Bubotuvers so you can enter from behind and take your 8th Mini-Shield. Jinx your 5th and last Dragon Statue standing behind the poisonous Mushroom bed.

There is a Dragon Statue hidden behind these Mushrooms


Now enter the next Greenhouse and run up the spiral staircase.
Yes, Professor Sprout certainly likes her Plants...

Fight Vampyr Mosps, get Pumpkin Pasties, Herbivicus Pods to proceed and somewhere in the middle you’ll be attacked by tens of Mosps. Cast Magicus Extremos while returning them into Larvae with Vermiculus. Suddenly you’ll notice a Triwizard Shield hanging in mid-air.

There is the Shield you’re after!


You arrive on the upper floor where you can grab your 9th Mini-Shield.
We’ll have to smash the Fountain! I hope Professor Sprout’s good at the Reparo Spell...

First Jinx/Accio the Goblet many times for extra Beans. Use a Cauldron at least 4 times to smash the Fountain until it drops down. Then all Hell breaks lose! At least 10 Erklings attack. Cast Magicus Extremos while Jinxing the entire herd. Run down all the way while Jinxing all appearing Erklings and extinguish the fire on the floor. Now you can take the Triwizard Shield.

Aqua Eructo and the Gillyweed is yours!


You’ll be beamed back to the Level Select Screen. A new Location has been unlocked: Triwizard Task 2: the Lake. And you will need 11 new Triwizard Shields to unlock next location! New Cards are also available. Get the full sets # 5 for Harry, Hermione and Ron. And now return to Herbology for our Second Trip...