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Level 1


Harry is reading a newspaper and starts a conversation with a fellow student. They run onto a bridge.
You will then have to deal with two Dementors flying inside. You will get the instructions on the screen. Press B4 to use Expecto Patronum, then rotate your right analog stick to cast the spell (remember the particular moves with the right analog stick for all the Spells).

Some more cut scenes follow at the Grimmauld Place and then Sirius will teach you some spells like Accio and Depulso inside a room. Push the items to the back of the room.

Then you'll meet Hermione and learn Reparo. Repair the highlighted things inside the room. Remember, all the things you can interact with are highlighted.

Then, when Ron comes into the scene, you'll learn another neat spell, Wingardium Leviosa. Levitate the clothes and put them into the suitcase.

More scenes will follow and you'll end up at Hogwarts' Entrance. This Hogwarts is HUGE. It is a lot bigger than in the previous Harry Potter games so use your Marauder map often so as not to get lost.

Note : Almost all of the places here have secrets. Use your magic skills to find them. The Secrets will strengthen your Magic Powers.

Meet Fred and George at the gate. Enjoy more scenes and get a small tutorial on the Marauder's Map.
Before going on, let's find some secrets here.


- Near the gate there's a broom. Levitate it and sweep the leaves there (rotate your right analog stick) to reveal some kind of carvings on the floor. Do this at each corner.

- Levitate the bench and put it with the corresponding color (you can only find it if you already unlocked the previous secrets).

- Levitate the wood near the gate to the torches above.
(Incendio Spell required) Light the 4 pillars near the exits.

- (Incendio Spell required) Light the 4 pillars near the exits.

Enter the Hall Entrance. You can't find the secrets yet so follow the footsteps on the ground to the Fat Ladyís portrait.
Talk to her. She won't let you in without the proper password. Find another Gryffindor fellow and ask him about the password.
Enter the common room and find Hermione. After the scene, let's find some secrets.


- Talk to the portraits here. (One of them needs a table; move the sofa and place it by the big table; you'll need to do this if you want to talk to all portraits for shortcuts and passwords).

- Levitate the wood logs near the fireplace.

- Cast Accio and Depulso on the cabinet.  

- There are 4 books just inside a small cabinet just below one of the portraits. Cast Accio on each of them.

-Try to catch one of the books.

- Cast Depulso or Accio on the board and read it.

- Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the stack of books near the wizard chess (if you can't do this try it when Harry wakes up later at night).


 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 2!!!