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Level 5


Meet Colin but first go after the secrets:

- Repair the stairs and the statues.

- Light up the 6 torches.

- Use Incendio on the gargoyle (this one isn't counted as a talking one since it's kinda... hmm, youíll see for yourself).

- Notice that broken pipe near the statue? Fix it and climb it. Take the left path and climb the pipe to reach the roof. Check the rubble here. Go all the way back down.

- Place the bench with its corresponding color.

Do you see the corner near the plant? Stack two benches there and climb up. It will be better if you cast Incendio on the plant first. Climb up, collect a box, and climb up the other pipe. Repair the broken one and keep going up. Repair the ledge, stand on it and focus the camera. Now go back down.

The other exit leads to the Boat House. You can light up 2 more torches here and find Fred and George's hidden parcel along the way.

Go to the Viaduct Entrance to find more secrets.


- Sweep the floor using the broom.

- Check the book here.

- Levitate the umbrellas.

- Find some object that needs repair.

- Cast Reducto on the shelves.

Talk to the portrait here. Point your wand to the students to get rid of their presence and then talk to the portrait again.

At the dungeons talk to Snape and he will demand you x go after a 12-inchx long moonstone. Leave the bastard. You'll need to go up to the Library later on. Go deeper into the dungeon.


- Cast Incendio on the candle here.

- Fix the armor near the portrait.

- There's another candle near the room with 4 parts belonging to a portrait of the Bloody Baron you have to collect.

- Hang Bloody Baron's portrait up again.

- Depulso the armor.

- There's a hidden statue behind a spider web. Burn the web to reveal the statue.

- (You need to gain access to the potion classroom first). Cast Incendio on the tubes.

- (Take the entrance from the Grand Staircase if you still don't have the password to the portrait). Cast Incendio on the spider webs that cover the chess pieces.

Go find Professor Sprout next.


- There are 3 statues hidden behind the tapestry in the room filled with portraits.

Talk to Professor Sprout and she'll give you an essay.

Go back to the RoR at the 7th floor and talk to Neville. Then talk to Colin who will teach you Petrificus Totalus.

Leave the room. Before you visit the Common Room, go to the Divination Tower and talk to the students there. You'll automatically complete McGonagall's mini-quest. (You'll still need to talk to her, though). Go up the stairs to find Parvati and Padma Patil.

Now go back to the Boys' Dormitory and take the book near the entrance.


 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 6!!!