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Level 8


The last one to meet is Cho Chang at the Owlery.


- Jinx the bushes on your way to the Owlery.

- At the base there are 3 owls with a basket. Levitate the mouse from the basket and feed them.

Do you see the plants near the stairs at the Owlery? Don't bother to burn them. Anyway, get inside the Owlery.

Now, you'll need to catch the owl. Typical, isn't it? (If you can't move through the ledge, just move the right analog stick down to move right or left and down to move left). Use your magic to fix objects that will help you to catch the owl.

Off to the Great Hall, then. You need to finish Flitwick's mini-quest. You'll see a student who brings the book we need to complete Flitwick's essay. Go back to Flitwick and talk to him. Now you can apply the Charms O.W.L.

To finish, go back and meet with Zacharias Smith at the RoR who will teach you Rictusempra. After that, talk to Cho to learn Levicorpus.

After the cut scene, talk to McGonagall in front of the Fat Lady's portrait. Now, mark Albus Dumbledore on your map and find him. You'll end up at the Potion classroom.

Snape will teach you Occlumency. You'll need this when you will fight Lord  Voldemort in a later Level. It's easy, you'll just need to tap the right analog stick to the center.

At the Grimmauld Place , go to every room and talk to everyone. You can help Ginny find dangerous things around the room. Jinx everything. Find 2 books, 1 necklace, and 1 music box. If you're ready to leave, talk to Arthur Weasley and then to Sirius. Then you'll end up at Hogwarts again.

Go back to Snape for another Occlumency lesson.

After you master the Occlumency lesson, go back to the Room of Requirement. Harry will teach the others Patronus, but will get busted. You won't win this fight since you're fighting all alone.


 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 9!!!