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Extra Secrets


Many of the remaining Secrets are obtained by beating the players at the Library, the Great Hall, the Paved Courtyard and the Gryffindor Common Room.
Also we are still working on the Gobstones and the Chess.

Here are some more:

-         Cast Incendio on the bookshelf in the Common Room to set fire on the book that chases the snitch

-         Stand at the front of the Great Hall where you call the owls, and cast Incendio and Wingardium Leviosa out toward the tables. The floating candles will light up

-         Use Wingardium Leviosa with the can behind Hagridís hut near the Pumpkins to obtain a 4th set of plants

-         Fly over all the pumpkins to the chimney of Hagridís hut. Youíll find another parcel of Fred & Georgeís holding another Secret

-         Stone Bridge : stand on the right to the wall when you come out and earn extra Points

-         Stone Bridge : slide down the drain pipe and on the left get a Secret

-         Leave the Viaduct from the back entrance, follow the cliff and find another Fred & Georgeís box

-         Jinx all Gargoyles

These are the locations of the Gargoyles:

-         Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

-         The Paved Courtyard

-         The Viaduct

-         The 4th floor, up above the shortcut (the Portrait) to the Library. Go outside to find it