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Written and Illustrated by Dr. Hugh
Adapted from a Game Play by Danny Kriestanto
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Harry returns for his 5th year of study at Hogwarts and discovers that most of the students deny his last encounter with Lord Voldemort.
They turn a blind eye to the news that Lord Voldemort has returned again.
Basically that is the setting of this new game.
But the new game is very different from the previous one. First of all the graphics are clumsier and the starring characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione are young adults now. Also, there are no clear Levels.

The Game starts with a fantastic Intro where a White owl is flying into Hogwarts through all the rooms until he ends up on Harryís arm.

Meet the Owl and the new Harry, Ron and Hermione


For the first time the PlayStation and the PC versions are similar. So this walkthrough suits both of them.
Iím using a facsimile PlayStation gamepad and this time the game is preset for this kind of gamepad. It gives instructions of what buttons to use in situations. This is the Logitech Rumblepad (cordless like I use, but there is a cable version available too). Danny is writing his game notes by playing the PlayStation version with the PlayStation gamepad.

Youíll get some view of a newspaper where you can select:
    -         New Adventure
    -         Continue Adventure
    -         Quit

Your starting Menu


Select New Adventure, by pressing B2. You will get 3 Empty save blocks. Select the first one.

I have already played this game for a while


Next youíll get a screen with:
    -    Continue
    -         Difficulty (Easy, Normal , Hard, I suggest to select Normal )
    -         Subtitles (put them ON)
    -         Autosave (see further)
Controller Configuration
    -         Video

The Configuration screen


The Dual Analogue Controller screen cannot be altered because it is preset.

The Dual Analogue gamepad settings


The Video option will allow you to select the Screen Resolution and the Level of Detail. Set them on your computer as you like it best. Then click on Apply Changes and get a teller screen: click YES.

The teller


Then click on Continue.
Then you get another screen:
    -         Screen Resolution (already set)
    -         Level of Details (select Quality)
    -         Apply Changes

The Level of Details Screen


Here is the comparison table between the Rumblepad and the PS2:

Dual Analogue Rumblepad


Identical locations on the gamepads
Movement Left Analogue Stick Left Analogue Stick
Spell gestures Right Analogue Stick Right Analogue Stick
Run B2 (hold while walking) Cross (hold when walking)
Interact B1 Square
Pause/Menu B10 Start
Marauderís Map [*] B9 Select
Different locations on the gamepads
Change between Highlighted  objects None L2-L3
Combat B6 None
Discovery View B3 None

[*] Press the right button to view the location of DA members, press the left to view your location at Hogwarts


Also the game doesnít seem to have Levels or parts but goes by percentages. The percent not only increases with the story line (which is quite short) but also with the (abundance of) Secrets youíll have to find throughout Hogwarts which must have about doubled in size in this game. Also there are lots of side Missions that will increase the percentage.
We therefore decided to divide it into 10 Levels (for the time being depending on the percentage). However, this may change later.

The Savegames are always a problem with the Harry Potter Games and this one is even worse. Best select Autosave ON . The saved games are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix\HPOOTP.
The HPOOTP file is constantly overwritten when the Autosave mode is ON.
When an Autosave occurs an orb appears in the right corner of the screen (only in the PS2 version).

Keep in mind that the Walkthrough is still under construction. So youíll have to consult it on a regular base as it may daily be updated. Also hints or remarks are welcome from anyone.

The HyperSnap 6 program is not compatible with the Game. The only screenshots I could take are the ones of this Intro. Then the Game would block. So there wonít be any Screenshots in the further Levels.


Danny Kriestanto, Yogyakarta, Indonesia :
Has already played the Game on PlayStation and sends me walkthrough notes on a regular base. I adapt his text lines.

Diane Eaton, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA:
Final English corrections.

Bert Jamin, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands:
Fine presentation and Internet availability.

Good luck with this game.

Dr. Hugh
Antwerp , Belgium
July 1, 2007

 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 1!!!