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Level 9

Go to Hagrid's Hut and prepare for another fight. This time, make sure you are going to win!  

Now you'll need to find 5 DA members. The closest one is Luna Lovegood.

Go talk to her. You'll need to climb up. So put the bench at the small 'X' mark on the ground and climb up. Make your way to find another small 'X' mark. Cast Reducto on it and levitate a pyramid-like object to the floor. Go back down and cast Incendio on it. Well Done.

Go back to the Owlery. We need to help Colin. First, burn the plant and make your way up to the owls for some secrets, return and enter the opening. Now levitate the boxes into the 'X' places.
After you put all the boxes on their correct positions, enter the door that didn't open before, fix the bench and get out of the room.


- From the place where you got out, go up and right until you can no longer move forward.

- Go down until the lowest point and then go right. An owl will drop one of Fred and George's hidden parcels. Make sure to pick it up when you reach the floor.

Next visit Dean Thomas. Talk to him and move all the cogs from the right to the left. The positions are equal. Go up the stairs and levitate all the cogs down. Now, put the small cogs into lowest parts, the medium one next to it, and the last cog next to the medium.


- Ring all the small bells here.

On your way to Parvati and Padma Patil cast Accio on the brick on the left wall, after you exit from the alley. In front of you there should be the Prefects' Bathroom. Enter to find more secrets.


- Cast Depulso on each cubicle. You should find a golden dragon egg that produces a shrieking sound.

- Cast Accio on the bath tub.

- Put the golden dragon egg into the bath tub.

Exit the Prefectís Bathroom and continue on your way.


- Hit the armor.

- Cast Depulso on the carpets.

- Light up the candle.

- Repair the armor.

- Use Accio on the brick.

Talk to the twins. You'll need to place some potions by the speakers. Now levitate the other bench and climb up. You need to repeat this 5 times in a row.

You have to find Ginny again. Talk to her and get close to the portable swamp and move it to the 'X' mark. Then cast Incendio!

Now go to the Paved Courtyard. Go up the stairs, find the pipe here and climb up to get another portable swamp. Change the decoration here into a swamp.

Go meet Snape for another Occlumency lesson.

After that, find Fred and George on the 5th floor. You'll control Fred (or George?). Cast Incendio on the portable swamp.
After the cut scene you'll control one of the twins again. Move around and cast Incendio or Reducto on the boxes.  

After the cut scene, go up and prepare for your final fight!


 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 10!!!