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Level 2

MiniGame: Wizard Chess

Now let's go find Neville.
Open the map and click on the Right Arrow button. You can see 2 names here: Dolores Umbridge and Neville Longbottom.
If there's not a star shape on the left side of the name, press B2 to mark it. Now follow the footprints to the suspension bridge.

At the area just before the suspension bridge (look at the map) there are a few more secrets.


- Cast Depulso several times on the armor here.

- (Incendio required) Light the candle near the wall and check it.

- At the top of the stairs, fix the armor.

- At the bottom of the stairs there are 2 more objects to fix.

- Cast Depulso on the other armor.

- Put back the 4 portraits on the wall and you'll bring back Nearly Headless Nick alive.

- (Incendio Required) At the suspension bridge, light the 4 torches.

- Just below the torches there's a broken pipe, fix it.

- Just below them there's a broken pipe, fix it and then climb up until you can see the scenery. Notice the Owlery.

- Get near the crow (it's standing at the top of the bridge).

Mini game:

Get near Neville and press R1 to help him. After the short scene look at the map for your next destination.
On the way you'll find a Gargoyle statue (it looks like a pig). Remember this location as you'll need it for later.


- Below the stairs there's a big statue. Check its sides with B1 to find some secrets.

- Did you notice some water on the floor? You'll need to wipe it up. Find the broom near the DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) classroom.

Inside the DADA classroom:

- Cast Depulso at the cupboard and check it.

- Cast Depulso at the projector here.

- Cast Wingardium Leviosa at the tables.

- If you managed to open all the tables, try use Depulso on the front tables. You'll get 2 more secrets .

- Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the blackboard.

- Cast Accio on the drawers.

- Cast Accio on the teacher's table.

- (Incendio required) Light up the heater.

Enter the DADA classroom and watch the cut scene.

Now use your Marauderís map and go find Fred and George Weasley.

 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 3!!!