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Level 3


After you go down the stairs, let's find more secrets:

- On the Second Floor, just before the Transfiguration Courtyard not far from the staircase you’ll see a tapestry. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it.

- (Incendio required) Light the candle on the left of the tapestry and check it.

- In the nearby corner fix all the mess.

- (Incendio required) There are few candles at the higher part along the alley.

- Cast Depulso on the carpets.

- A bit further into the Library, you'll see 4 portraits on the floor. Levitate them and hang them back on the walls.

- On the wall near one portrait you can see 4 bricks sticking out. Cast Accio and check them.

OK. That's it for now. You will return to the Library later on. Follow the footprints.


- When you find more tapestries, you can cast Wingardium Leviosa on one of them.

Find Fred and George. They'll teach you how to duel.
After the cut fight scene, your first duel. Just use the Stupefy Spell and when your opponent is defeated you'll end up in the Common Room.


- If you've talked to all the portraits before, especially that 'Snitch-catcher' he'll ask you to find his snitch. The snitch is inside one of the portraits inside this room. Talk to the portrait and you'll get points.

- Catch the snitch and you'll earn more points.

Now, off to the Library we go.

Go to the 2nd floor and talk to the portrait. He'll give you a quest finding a first-year Ravenclaw to find out where Rowena Ravenclaw came from.

Now follow the footprints to the first floor through the door.

Note: on the way you should find a first-year Ravenclaw student who will tell you the portrait password.


- (Incendio required) The candle near the entrance.

- Repair the pottery.

- Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the tapestry.

- (Incendio required) Two lamps on the wall along the Stone Bridge.

- Replace the four portraits on the wall to bring back the Fat Friar.

- The brick on the wall on the way to the alley.

- (Incendio Required) The torches.

- (Incendio Required) Two pedestals in the next room.

- The tapestry nearby.

- (Incendio Required) The lamps in the corridor.

- (Incendio Required) Light up the candle near the door to Myrtle's Bathroom and check it.

- Check the sink in the Myrtle's Bathroom.

- Depulso all of the cubicles, and then Accio the nearest ones.

- (Incendio Required) Light up all the lamps in the bathroom.

- Back in the corridor, fix the pottery at the junction.

- Depulso the carpet.

- Follow the footprints to the library, Accio the marking on the wall and check it.

- At the Transfiguration Courtyard, use Wingardium Leviosa on the object at the center of the courtyard, and place all benches to their corresponding colors.

Continue to the Library.


- Levitate the feather quilt on the table.

- Find Fred and George’s hidden package behind the cabinet.

- Portrait password: Find the Daily Prophet in the Great Hall. He will tell you later “o”.

Now chase a book until it drops to the table.
After the short cut scene go to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and light all the lamps.

Note : You'll need to light the lamps once again after the cut scene to unlock the secrets.

 Let’s all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 4!!!