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Level 6


Your next stop is the Hospital Wing.

There are a few things to do on the 4th floor.


- Cast Accio on the brick on the wall near the door and don't forget to check it.

- Depulso the armor.

- There are two hidden broken pots near the window. Check them thoroughly.

- Inside is another tapestry with a chess piece.

- Depulso the carpets above the stairs.

When you reach the upper part of this room, go outside. You'll find another talking Gargoyle. Still one more Gargoyle to go.
Continue to the next room, Cast Incendio on the portrait in there and talk to him. Go up the stairs.

On the right side you'll meet Anthony: talk to him and take the left path to the Hospital Wing.


- Two lamps outside the Hospital Wing.

- Cast Depulso on the beds and the curtains.

From the Hospital Wing, return to the Library to complete Snape's mini-quest. Consult your map.
Now go all the way to the back and check the book on the left. You'll find that this is the book for Snape's essay.

Talk to Zacharias Smith and he'll join you at the RoR.

Go find Professor Sprout. Talk to her again.
Then you can take the O.W.L test by planting the Mandrakes into the available pots. If you do this quickly, you'll get a high grade.

Next stop: The Dungeon. Repeat what you did at Professor Sproutís. This time Sneep will ask you to put the corresponding colored potions into the cauldrons. Do this fast.

Note : on your way to the Dungeon find McGonagall and talk to her. She'll repeat the instructions you just got from Professor Sprout. Bah!

Go find Terry Boot. Mark him on your map and talk to him.


- When you pass through the bottom of the Clock Tower, use Accio on the bricks on the wall and check them.

- You can fix the 4 statues near Terry.

- Put some fruits inside the basket.


 Letís all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 7!!!