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Level 7


Now go find Ernie McMillan. Mark him on your map.



- Light up the torch by the Stone Circle.

- Check the Stone Circle.

- Get close to the crows.

- Jinx the bushes to find Fred and George's hidden parcels.

- Levitate one of the pumpkins and drop it at Hagrid's chimney.

- Cast Accio on the hut's door.

- Find a bone and throw it through the window.

- There's an animal footprint a bit farther from the pumpkin field near Hagrid's hut.

Talk to Ernie and he'll ask you to get some Moly plants (some white flowers) and a Mandrake. Pick up 6 Moly Plants, go to the Herbology class and pick up a Mandrake (remember to put the earmuffs on; they’re on the wall).

Now you’ll have to meet Luna Lovegood.

From Hagrid's hut to the place where you can find Luna there are a few secrets.


- Jinx the bushes.

- Near one of the trees you can find two more secrets. They are animal footprints and quite tricky to see since you'll have to walk slowly in order to find them. Just press the talk button as soon as the talk button shows up. If you can't get anything, just move around while you keep hitting the button. You'll find it eventually.

- Get near the trees on your right until you see a cut scene featuring a cage.

Talk to Luna and help her move her goods to the place the game wants you to.


 Let’s all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 8!!!