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Level 10


When Sirius fights against Lestrange and Malfoy, you cannot win.

When Dumbledore fights Voldemort, he will attack with 3 different strokes.

First, just fight him like usual.
Second, when the devices of the statues start building up magic, they will combine their powers and will cast a powerful blast at Harry. But if you're quick enough, you can cast the Protego. This spell will reflect the blast and attack Lord Voldemort. All you need is timing. Just before the magic attacks you (while the screen is still green) start casting Protego over and over again.
Third, Voldemort will lift up chairs (what a laugh) and attack you. Don't forget to use the Protego while being attacked.

When you defeat him, time has come to apply your Occlumency lessons.

Watch the cut scene and now you can freely roam around Hogwarts to find the rest of the secrets.

There's another mini-quest you can do for Luna. Meet her in front of the Great Hall and talk to her. You need to find 5 of her belongings.

The locations:

- The blue object at the Great Hall's table.

- Sweep the leaves at the Entrance Courtyard.

- Check the table at the library.

- At the fountain near the Clock Tower.

- Viaduct entrance, near the portrait.

Secret in the Dungeons (enter from the Grand Staircase all the way down) x.

- Cast Incendio on the spider webs that cover the chess pieces.

Portrait Passwords :

Note: remember to talk back to the portraits after you get the password BEFORE you exit the game. If not, you'll have to find the password again.

Note: the location here indicates the place where you can find the people inside the portraits that aren't sleeping.

- Location: Grand Staircase 7th floor : the Fat Lady.
  Talk to her and then talk to the nearby student.

- Location: Grand Staircase, Dungeon Level.
  (You need to do this after you talked to Hannah Abbot in order to ask her to go the RoR) Just talk to the portrait.

- Location: Dungeons : Slytherin
Enter from the Grand Staircase and talk to the portrait. Now go back to boys’ dormitory (after you gained access when trying to persuade Ginny to go to the RoR). Go back to the portrait and you'll get the password.

- Location: Grand Staircase 1st floor: meet a man with his dog. Talk to him and find a Hufflepuff student.

- Location: Grand Staircase 2nd floor : meet an intelligent man. Talk to him, and find a first-year Ravenclaw Student to get the password.

- Location: Grand Staircase 3rd floor : meet a Lady in black. Talk to her, go to the portrait of a man with his dog (1st floor) and return to the Lady.

- Location: 3rd floor in the archway to the Stone Bridge. Talk to him and then return to Myrtle's Bathroom and talk to her.

- Location: Grand Staircase: meet a poetic man with purple robes. Talk to him. He'll direct you to a portrait of a black-robed man up on the 7th floor (you can find him near the Divination Tower ). Go to the portrait at the 2nd floor (where you met the intelligent man). Then go to the Shepherdess on the staircase at the area where you can find a portrait of a man being observed by an eye (it's near Herbology). The Shepherdess’ portrait is at the second landing, up above your head (she's wearing white clothes, holding a cane with shepherds in the background). Now you’ll have to go to the portrait of a stuttering man almost under the staircase at the Viaduct. Entrance. Now go back to the portrait of the man with his dog at the 1st floor and then you will be told the password.

- Location: 7th floor, near the Divination Tower.
(Incendio required) Talk to the portrait. Now go to the 4th floor area and find the portrait covered with a spider web. Talk to him to gain access.

- Location: Near Herbology: the man being observed by a giant eye.
Just repair the armor and he'll give you the password.

- Location: Library.
Talk to him and go to the Great Hall. Cast Accio on the small podium here and collect the Daily Prophet.

- Location: Viaduct Entrance.
Talk to him and then blast away two Slytherins by pointing your wand at them. He'll give you the password.


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