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Level 4


Now let's go find Neville. Go to the second floor and promise to complete the mini-quest he gave you if you've found the answer from a first-year Ravenclaw.
Enter the portrait (if you've completed the mini-quest) and go to the Herbology class.


- Along the path to the Herbology class there are 2 suits of armor. Fix them. You can go through the portrait now.

- Cast Incendio on another candle.

- Just in front of the candle, cast Accio on the bricks.

Help Neville burn the Devil's Snare.


- Check the Devil's Snare Branch on the left side of the entrance to the Herbology class.

- Pull the rope on the other side of the entrance.

- Check the Gillyweed on the long table. Get close to the door at the back of the room.

Now we have to go to the 7th floor again (sigh).

On the 7th floor, take the path on the right side of the Fat Lady.


- Find the objects that need repair.

Follow Neville. Inside the Room of Requirement you'll learn Protego. A useful spell for dueling.
Now you'll have to find 21 DA members and finish some mini-quests for them.
First, let's start with Ginny Weasley since she's the nearest one and completing her quest will teach us a very useful spell, Reducto, that will be seldom used in this Game though.
Speak to her and go to the boys’ dormitory.

The invisibility Cloak is found in the trunk, but let's discover some secrets first.


- Check the trunks, some of them are below the canopy beds.

- Cast Incendio on the heater.

Now put the Invisibility Cloak on and go to Umbridge's office.
At the DADA class, pass along the jars to distract the students. Immediately enter Umbridge's room and take the other door to find Fred and George's bottle.

Secrets: (cannot be completed until your saved games are cleared)

- Burn the letters.

- Flip the ornaments on the wall.

- In the room where you found Fred and George's treasures, cast a spell on the silver chest.

Back at the Common Room, take the cloak off and speak to Ginny.
Before we go find the others, just go back to the Room of Requirement and talk to Ginny to learn Reducto.

Let's find Hannah Abbot next. She wants us to find a secret passage to the 7th floor. There's a portrait just on the opposite of where she’s standing which is located above the staircase. Go back to Hannah and tell her the password.

On your way to the upper floor, stop at the 1st floor and visit the Great Hall. We need to rescue Angelina Johnson.


- Outside the Great Hall, find a broom and clean the floor near the statue.

- Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the tables to reveal some food. There are 4 plates of food.

- Cast several spells on the pit. One of these spells will make the owls fly out and one of them will drop a copy of the Daily Prophet. You'll need to read it to find the password for the portrait in the Library.

- Pull the rope near the fireplace with Accio.

- Rearrange the tubes at the back of the room.

Since Angelina Jolie  (sorry: Johnson) has been shouting for quite a while now, let's rescue her. Move up to the Trophy Room.
After a short cut scene levitate the Headmaster's chair out of the way.
Inside the room, levitate the silver trophies into some silver squares and the gold trophies into some gold squares, and then close the glass doors.


- Levitate a small broom and clean up some dusty trophies around the room.

- Check one of the trophies.

Next, talk to Michael Corner who will disappear for good, leaving you 2 more persons to find: Parvati and Padma Patil (sounds like Indian names to me). These two are always together so the search will be easier. We'll meet with them at the Divination later on.

Let's meet Zacharias Smith in the Library.

Note : along the way you'll find Flitwick. Talk to him and you'll get a mini-quest to find a book.

Note : if you manage to get the Daily Prophet before, talk to the portrait at the Library.

Zacharias Smith will ask you to accomplish two tasks. First, find the Monster Book of Monsters in the inner section of the Library. Second, get the Wiggenweld Potion from the Hospital Wing.

Let's find the next DA member first, Dean Thomas. This one will give us even a more ridiculous task. Talk to 4 Gargoyles. One of them is here, and the other ones on the 3rd floor, on the way to the DADA classroom.

Since we're at the Transfiguration Courtyard, why don't you talk to Mrs. McGonagall? Talk to her and she'll tell you to find a first-year student at the bottom of the Divination Tower . Save this quest for later, though. Let's find Fred, George and Lee Jordan first.

On the way you’ll meet Susan. But she's in trouble so get up and fight those Toerags. Then she'll leave. Continue finding Fred, George, and Lee Jordan.


- On your way down light up all the torches. Eventually you'll arrive at the Boat House. Light two more torches.

- Get near the birds on the right side to make them fly away.

- Check the chains here.

- Feed the bird on the left from the bucket using Wingardium Leviosa.

Talk to Fred, George or Lee. Follow them. Listen what they have to say for completing the task.

At this point, half of the members are already at the RoR. Go back up the long stairs. Let's find Colin next.


- On the other side of the Entrance Courtyard you can find more torches (at the Viaduct and the place where you find Colin).

- Cast Incendio on the talking Gargoyle.

 Let’s all join Harry and...

...let's play Level 5!!!