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Hogwarts Express

Secrets: none

This Level is more of a Tutorial as Ron and Hermione are explaining Harry (and you) how to act in all different situations.

[1.1] The cut scene opens with a howling wolf at night who watches the Hogwarts Express Train steaming by.

In a compartment of one of the cars we find Harry, Ron, Hermione and Prof. Lupin who is asleep in a corner. Ron is reading an article in a newspaper about an escaped convict from the heavily guarded Wizard Prison of Azkaban, where no one has ever escaped from before. This Sirius Black character committed many murders and now Harry has heard from the Ministry of Magic that Sirius is after him.

Ron has a pet rat – called Scabbers – that sits on his shoulder. Suddenly, Scabbers falls onto the seat where Hermione’s Persian cat is sleeping. The cat gets woken up and angrily chases Scabbers, who disappears under the compartment door. Now they all have to find Scabbers. Our three friends leave the compartment for the passageway and that is where you start playing as Harry.

Mission: Find Scabbers

You can enter the other compartments and find Crabbe and Goyle sitting there. Goyle will tell you that Draco Malfoy will get Harry nailed, but apart from that, they won't do anything. Skip entering the other compartments if you like.

When you see Scabbers after the last compartment, hold down your Use Wand key and direct the ray to the lock of the door. Let go of the key in order to cast the Alohomora spell that will open the lock. Now enter the baggage car.

You'll find Scabbers on top of a stack of luggage. He'll run away and the whole stack falls down and will block your path. Just walk or run straight to the luggage and Harry will climb up. Move on and jump over the next suitcase. Take the Bertie Bott’s Beans and continue to the next car.

You'll automatically change into Hermione who can use the Depulso spell (similar to the Rictusempra charm in the previous Harry Potter game). Keep moving on. You can cast Alohomora on the Golden chests on both sides and get some Beans. There is your first Save Game Book!

Make sure you open the two cages on each side and take out the Beans from the chests in there before going to the Save Book. When passing the Save Book, your game will be automatically saved. Next time you start the game from  your current slot, you will end up at this spot.

Two cages with chests on each side of the first save game book

[1.2] After saving, the two front doors will open up.

Scabbers will run away again. You’ll find a Magic Cabinet that needs the Alohomora Spell of all three together now. You’ll change into Ron. Now press and hold your Use Wand button until Harry and Hermione also cast Alohomora together with Ron. You’ll see 3 Alohomora symbols on the cabinet now. Release the button for the cabinet to open and you'll find a Gargoyle inside. Cast Lumos on it, and a charmed way will be opened.

Now get ready to fight some flying books. Just cast Depulso on each of them. Remember this for later, unlike in the previous games, you won't be fighting alone anymore. Enter the cage on your right and collect the Beans lying on the floor. Notice a Depulso sing on the wall in there. Charm it with your Spell and the cage on left side will open up. Take the Beans out of the golden chest with Alohomora, get out and take the Chocolate Frog. Proceed to the next carriage.

There are some giant spiders locked up in hanging cages... brrr, it seems like this carriage is full of monsters. After Harry takes the lead again, just go past the trunks. You will find Scabbers here, along with The Monster Book of Monsters. Draco Malfoy will  empower that monstrous Book and you will have to fight it. Just cast Rictusempra on the flying papers until the Book’s stamina goes completely down. (In this new game the Rictusempra symbol takes the shape of diamonds).

The Monster Book of Monsters will now turn into the Collector’s Card #1: a Wizard Card, Fulbert the Fearful. You will have to collect 80 of these Collector’s Cards. Approach the Card and it will go straight to your Wizard Cards collection (check the Door tab in your Menu, the second from the right on top). Click on the Card and a larger image of it will appear on the right. Click on that image and you will be told who this person is: Fulbert the Fearful (1014-1097) – Famous for being so cowardly he never ventured out of his house. Died when a Defensive Charm backfired and the roof fell in. Besides Wizard Cards you’ll also find Vampire Cards etc... That is why we now call them Collector’s Cards.

Your first Collector’s Card

Continue to the next carriage, and Ron will finally catch Scabbers. A cut scene shows a kind of horrible creature appearing in the opened end door. Hermione quickly casts Depulso on the wall sign to shut the door. Harry will faint and you’ll get in control of Ron again. Here you‘ll get an automatic saved game.

[1.3] A blue fog is emerging from under the door and Ron shouts: That weird mist. It’s creeping towards Harry. It’s making him worse! There’s got to be a way to block that door!

Cast Depulso on the same spot as Hermione did. You won't be able to move Ron anywhere, but this won't be so difficult. The trunk on the right, a crate on the left, and the bird cage at the top of the door each contains a Depulso Sign that each randomly appear for a few seconds. Quickly cast Depulso when one shows up. When all 3 are hit, the door will be blocked and the blue mist will disappear. But the creature, a Dementor from Azkaban will break in anyway. By that time Hermione and Prof. Lupin arrive to rescue Harry and Lupin casts a Spell on the Dementor to make it vanish. But has it been destroyed... ? 

Harry wakes up and remains all confused. The train will soon arrive at Hogwarts! Now the game will load without making a save point.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Harry, Ron and Hermione were delighted to be back at Hogwarts. Harry’s encounter with the Dementor had caused him no serious harm... other than a growing feeling of dread. Our friends now join the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: I'm Professor Lupin, your new teacher.

The scar-faced Professor Lupin. Doesn’t he look suspicious?


The first lesson concerns the Spell Carpe Retractum (note: > Latin, meaning “take what has retreated”). The Professor asks Ron Weasley to join him for the lesson. Ron will run through a door straight into:

So... let's