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Written by Dr. Hugh and Danny Kriestanto

With Team:

Anna, Bert, Diane, Jean

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Due to strikes on the movie set, this third Harry Potter game was released six months later than expected. Last Christmas they had to come up with something though, so they gave us that Quidditch Cup game. Did you enjoy that?

But this new game is far better, has a smooth game play, excellent sound and graphics, and a good story line. In one word: a SUPERB Adventure game! After having installed the game you’ll get the Main Menu offering 4 selections that you click on with your mouse (there is a large cursor):

- New Game - Load Game - Options - Quit Game

The Main Menu


The Options Menu consists of 3 Tabs:

1. Input:

This screen shows you the uncomplicated controls of the game:

- Forward : W, Num8 or Forward Arrow

- Backward : S, Num2 or Back Arrow

- Turn Right : Right Arrow

- Turn Left : Left Arrow

- Strafe Left : A or Num4

- Strafe right : D or Num4

- Jump : R mouse or Ctrl/Alt Gr

- Use Wand : L mouse or Alt

- Open Map : Tab

- Skip cut Scenes : Enter

(note : these are the default ones; you can change a key by clicking on it and press a preferred key)

Additional Options :

- Game Mouse speed - Invert Mouse - Reset Default Settings

2. Sound & Video:

- Gamma - Resolution - Music Volume - Brightness - Color Depth - Effect Volume - Contrast

Additional Options :

- View Game Credits

- Reverse Stereo

- Apply Changes (shows up when you made changes to any options)

3. Advanced:

- Word Detail - Object Detail - Dynamic Lighting - Character Detail - Shadow Detail

In fact you don’t really need alterations to the default settings – at least if you have a good video card. Personally I prefer the resolution 1024 X 780 which offers excellent graphics quality.

Now start the game by clicking on New Game and select one of the saving slots. Click on that slot and a New Game will start. Saved games will be stored in that slot, so you can load a game later on from the slot of your choice. We’ll come back to that further below.

To obtain the Main Menu, press Esc. Now you’ll get a Menu with more tabs. On top you’ll notice 8 large Icons that are tabs to click on.

From left to right:

- Heart. Current Level Status . You’ll see the faces of Harry, Ron and Hermione with a progress bar of their current stamina. Below these you’ll find the status of current/remaining Secrets and current/remaining Challenge Shields

- Castle. Marauder's Map : You must get this Map from Fred Weasley

- Portrait. This is the Password Menu : Passwords may be purchased from Fred and George's shop.

- Griffon. Mini-games menu - Hippogryff Flying, Pixies, and 'The Monster Book of Monsters'

- Money Bag. This menu shows the number of Beans, Pumpkin Pasties and Cauldron Cakes you have.

- Shield. This screen shows you how many Challenge Shields you have collected in Carpe Retractum, Draconifors-Lapifors, and Glacius.

- Door. Collector's Cards Menu: Folio Univerisitas

- Parchment. Options

A click on the bottom Left arrow will take you back to the game, and the X on the right allows to exit the game.

Saved Games

If you’re playing in XP a folder will be automatically created in My Documents, called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. A subfolder is called Save. That is where your saved games are stored. When loading the game you’ll always get the last saved game of that slot. If you like to return to a previous saved game please contact and you will obtain a description of how to proceed. It is a bit tricky.


When you have played a good part of the game there is a way to load a previous chapter. Select Load Game in the main Menu and click on the arrow next to Saved Game 1 (or wherever you’re saving).

Click on the green arrow


You’ll get a menu with two options: Saved Game 1 and Bookmarks.

Click on Bookmarks


Now you’ll get a menu with a previous chapter you can replay.

Click on one of the previous chapters


You may replay that part of the game.


For the time being this walkthrough has been submitted under construction and will be improved on a regular base with more illustrations and details. We’re working with a Team of independent game players who share their results with us (in alphabetical order):

Anna Elissa (Bogor, Indonesia)

Bert Jamin (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

Diane Eaton (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Jean Kendell (Doncaster, England)


The authors are:

Danny Kriestanto (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Dr. Hugh (Antwerp, Belgium)


Screenshots are taken by Dr.Hugh.

Special thanks goes to Anna for the Indonesian translation, and to Bert for the publication on with the excellent layout he traditionally provides.

The English version has been proof read by Diane.

Jean and Dr. Hugh have each found a way to load previously saved games: Jean’s works directly from Windows and Dr. Hugh’s is for those who play the game with a Gamepad.

And now... it’s Show Time. Get that wonderful GAME started!


 Let’s all join Harry and...

...let's play!!!