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Fifth Challenge: Draconifors–Lapifors finals

Challenge Shields: 5

Mission: Complete the Draconifors-Lapifors Final Exam

[10.1] I hope you’ve prepared for your final exam, Miss Granger?

Absolutely, Professor McGonagall – thanks to the Time-Turner you lent me. You may find this a bit more challenging than our previous exercises. Collect all five Challenge Shields to earn a perfect score on your exam. You may begin.

Cast Lapifors on the rabbit statue in front of Hermione. As a rabbit, on your right there is an overgrown hole behind a digging mound. Dig for a Spongify tile and chew the vegetation. Inside follow the track of Beans between the roots until a Pumpkin Pastie appears in front of another hole. Chew to exit here and enter the side of the room behind the fence. Dig a mound at the end in front of the cauldron.

Turn around and chew your way into a third hole. Follow the path of Beans and should you drop down in the side gaps the rabbit will turn into the statue again and you’ll have to start all over. Jump to an island on your left for a Cauldron Cake and hop back to the main track for the Pumpkin Pasties.

Hop with care on this path and don’t tumble down


Chew your way into the fourth hole and follow the Beans in between the tree roots until you find a Pumpkin Pastie and chew your way out of the fifth hole. Go left and dig the mound for a second Spongify tile. You’ll get the controls over Hermione. Spongify the tile and hop over the fence where you’ll be attacked by two Bundimuns. Cast Rictusempra, jump onto their back and get a couple or three Pumpkin Pasties.

Cast Depulso on each Cauldron and get twice a full load of Beans. Spongify the tile and hop over the fence and meet another Bundimun. Get the 3 Pasties out of that blob. Spongify the tile under the balcony and catch your 1st Challenge Shield. Save by the Book.

[10.2] Enter a room with 4 tin cans in niches and a grated hole in the floor above a Challenge Shield.

Start casting Depulso on the Suits of Armor as quickly as you can. They will lower down. However, keep turning around casting Depulso on risen Suits until eventually all four are simultaneously down. Then, the central floor will rise with 4 Pumpkin Pasties and your 2nd Challenge Shield.

Cast Alohomora on the padlocks on the door and enter the next room. You’re entering a huge puzzle room with 4 floor switches and 2 Save Books (strange...) There are 4 tiles on the wall by the Books and an empty alcove in the middle. Also there are three grated entrances with a Shield visible behind each.

Stand on a floor switch and a Depulso sign will open on the corresponding plaque on the opposite wall. You can’t cast Depulso from this distance, but the Depulso sign will close in seconds. This is the trick: step on a switch (walking backward facing the plaques), immediately jump forward from the switch and cast Depulso on the open sign.

When all four wall tiles are turned into shield plaques, a dragon statue rises from the niche floor. Cast Draconifors and let the dragon fly up, pick up the Black Fireball and land on the dragon platform grabbing a Cauldron Cake. Light the bowl and the grated hole on the opposite wall will open.

Pick up another Black Fireball, fly through the hole and a clock starts ticking (watch the upper right corner for the progress bar). If you don’t reach your destination in time you’ll change into Hermione saying: this could be a challenge. Then, you’ll have to start all over.

The clock will be reset to zero again each time you fly through a fully circular hole and the hole will then be sealed so you can’t backtrack through that hole (how clever!). This won’t happen with half circular holes on ground level though.

Land in the next room and walk through a half hole with a Pastie. Fly through the opposite hole for a reset and enter the garden where you go left and then turn around at the next corner. Fly up to the roof and collect all goodies walking around the rooftops.

The rooftops are full of goodies all around


Then fly to the dragon’s ledge with the Pumpkin Pastie and light the bowl. That opens the alcove on Hermione’s right in the switch room. Take the beans and your 3rd Challenge Shield.

[10.3] Cast Draconifors for a second time and return to the point where you started flying up to the roof.

This time, run through the garden (it is a zigzag path) until you reach a hole with a Pumpkin Pastie. Fly through for a reset. In this greenhouse with 4 walls fly along a track of 4 Pumpkin Pasties and turn right at the end to pass a low hole with a Pumpkin and a clock reset. Land and run through a half hole with a Pastie on your left.

In the next room there is another similar half hole with a Pastie on the opposite side. Run through. Now you’ll have to fly through 3 walls that go up and down. There are 3 Pumpkin Pasties between the walls. Fly through a next hole with a Pastie and a reset.

End up in a circular greenhouse with a rotating carrousel on top that has two openings. Collect the circle of Beans under the carrousel before flying up through an opening.  The easiest way is to fly close to the wall and in opposite direction of the sense of rotation. Up there here take all Beans of the two circular distributions, and the 5 Pumpkin Pasties around the Black Fireball, before time elapses (if it does, you’ll just start over and go there again).

Pass through the high hole with the Pumpkin Pastie for a clock reset. You’ll reach another circular room flying above a double rotating carrousel. Gather the circle of Beans and fly through the next hole on your left into a room with a dragon statue. Land on the platform with the Pumpkin Pastie and lit the bowl. Now the alcove on your left will open up in the switch room. Take the Beans and your 4th Challenge Shield. Save now by the second Book.

[10.4] Cast Draconifors and go for a third round.

Follow the same track till the second cylindrical greenhouse, but this time fly through an opening of the upper carrousel to collect the circle of Beans between the two carrousels. Then fly down through the second carrousel and get the circle of Beans and 5 pumpkin Pasties underneath.

Fly through the low hole with a Pastie, get a reset and turn left following a track of Pasties. At the end turn left, land on the floor by the corner to pick up a Cauldron Cake, then fly up and turn right through a narrow opening. Turn right again and follow the Pasties track further between walls that slide from left to right. Then turn right through two narrow openings and by the Pastie turn left for another row of sliding walls.

Fly through an opening with a Pumpkin Pastie where you see a Challenge Shield, fly up following the track of Pasties (there is also a Black Fireball in case you would have forgotten one) to the Dragon platform with a Cauldron Cake and lit fire to the bowl. That will open the middle entrance in the switch room.

Enter the room and take your 5th and final Challenge Shield. The grated door will lock behind you and the door on your left will open. Go in and Prof. McGonagall enters the room: You scored one hundred percent, Miss Granger. Exactly what I expected of you. Thank you Professor McGonagall. I do wish the term wasn’t over so soon... There’s so much more I like to learn. Peace yourself, Miss Granger. If not for yourself... for the rest of us.

A window will appear asking you to replay or exit Final Exam? Select Exit and the game will load with a new save point.

Sixth Challenge: Glacius Finals

Challenge Shields: 5

Mission: Complete the Glacius Final Exam.

[10.5] Harry runs into the Glacius Final Challenge area where Prof. Flitwick is giving instructions.

Are you ready for the Glacius final exam, Harry? Ready, Professor Flitwick! Splendid. You know the rules then. Pick up all five Challenge Shields to earn a perfect score. Got it. Five Challenge Shields. Oh... and Harry? This exam’s a bit more difficult than our usual Glacius exercises. Good luck to you!

Cast Glacius on the well and turn the track into ice. So here we go for another slide. Make sure to take the middle of the track at a spot where the Pumpkin Pasties and Cauldron Cakes lie. After a jump you’ll land on three pipes in front of a room with your 1st Challenge Shield. Enter the room and pick it up.

Cast Glacius and Rictusempra on each of both Salamanders and chop them into icy chunks. There are two Choc Frogs in niches on the side. Eat the ones you need to restore to full stamina, when needed. Proceed to your first Save Book.

[10.6] In the side niches of the stairs there are two other Frogs.

Leave them if you don’t need them. On top there is a Skull in each corner and a Challenge Shield is seen in the second next room. Cast Depulso on the Skulls for their final Beans. Enter the first room and it will be sealed off. A number of one to three Imps will keep appearing that throw their blasted fire crackers at Harry. Remember to use you strafe keys to avoid them and then pick up a fire cracker and have it devoured by the little devil(s). When these gangs of buggers are all blown up, a Challenge Shield will appear. Jump up and conquer your 2nd Challenge Shield. But Harry must have gained some weight from eating chocolate throughout this game, so when he comes down, the floor will drop like an elevator.

Harry ends up in a cross shaped room with 4 holes on each side. A Fire Crab will appear in front of some hole. Get it in its hole with some blasts of Rictusempra. Then a second Fire Crab will appear near another hole and when that has tumbled in its hole, a third and then fourth will have to be dealed with.

And then... 4 new Crabs will simultaneously appear! Go for another round but eat that Chocolate Frog first if you’re hurt. The 3rd Challenge Shield will then pop up in the middle of the room. Go jump and grab it. Surely the floor will drop again ending up in a similar room with... 4 Fire Crabs and holes. Flip them onto their back again and push them into their holes. A chest will now lower down in each hole. All four will open up from their own and all spit loads of Beans, and... each a Pixie as well! These Pixies fly high up, hard to reach with Rictusempra and you’ll faint in seconds. Keep a good eye on that stamina meter and when it gets critically low, go for the Frog.

If you faint you have to start from the beginning of this block all over again... Best tactics are: as soon as the chests have spit their goodies and baddies stand in a corner, already aiming with your wand at the ceiling. Get a Rictusempra on the nearest Pixie and keep strafing from left to right while losing the button. Keep running around and repeat this until they’re all gone with a puff.

Next your 4th Challenge Shield will appear. First collect all shattered Beans, jump up to the Shield and... there you go for another down ride. Twice a pack of Imps will appear and you only have a limited time to defeat them before 4 Salamanders come to life from 4 fires burning in the corners.

You have to take care of the Salamanders AND meantime quickly extinct the fires or more will constantly show up. Keep in motion! That is most important here! When all are turned into ice cubes and the fires are extinct a platform with a Spongify tile will rise from the floor. Look up first... wonder where that will bounce you?

Let’s find out: Spongify and … land on a new tile on the upper floor where you had to fight the Pixies. Spongify, jump up and land on a tile where the Fire Crabs were. It seems like you are going all the way up again! Spongify and land in the first room with the Imps. You you’ll get SOME bonus here now! The 4 air pipes on the ceiling will spit out a burst of Beans and Pumpkin Pasties!

It is literally raining Beans and Pumpkin Pasties!


Go and collect all these fine goodies. Moreover, the door to your 5th and final Challenge Shield has opened up. Well done, Harry! A perfect score! Wow... I can hardly believe it myself. It was a pleasure having you in Charms Class this term, Harry. You have a great deal of natural ability, my boy! A great deal indeed.

A window will now ask you if you want to replay or exit Final Exam. If you select EXIT, the game will be loading and save point made.

So... let's