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Secrets: 6

Mission: Follow Neville to the Hippogriff paddock out on the grounds

The Grounds


[4.1] In the center of the square there is a four-pillared pavilion with a water basin bearing a Griffon statue on the four corners.

Cast Depulso on each statue and the water will be drained unveiling a Spongify tile in the center. Charm the tile and bounce high up into your 1st Secret Room where you’ll find another Spongify tile, two cabinets and a Tapestry on the wall.

Cast Alohomora on the cabinets and obtain 3 Pumpkin Pasties from each! Cast Alohomora on the Tapestry and it will roll up. Behind it a grilled door will slide up and you’ll see a Collectors Card in the unveiled room.

Stay on the far end of the entrance because there are two Imps in there. Wait until one throws out a fire cracker, grab it, run to the entrance and throw it at him. That will teach him not to fool around with Harry! Repeat for the second Imp and you’ll get rid of these nasty little devils.

Go inside and acquire your Beast Card # 14: Kelpie – Lurks in rivers and streams and will kneel on invitation for anyone to ride it across. If this is attempted, the Kelpie will drag the rider underwater and attempt to eat them.

To get out again, Spongify the tile and jump down, catching some Beans on the way down. Turn left and enter the gallery. There are Suits of Armor with shields on each end. Triple Depulso on each of them will provide more Beans.

In the middle of this gallery there is an entrance to another area with a wizard and witch statue on the side. Cast Depulso on each and a track of Beans will appear in front of the Hogwarts Entrance wall. Head to the Right and near the Suit of Arms you’ll notice your first Spongify tile. There is such a tile in every corner of this square. Charm the tile and jump up to grab the Beans. This is your 2nd Secret.

You’ll end up by the second tile and a new row of Beans has formed. Repeat this until you’ve gone all the way around. Enter the other gallery and at the far end cast a triple Depulso on the wall sign. On the other end a hatch will open up unveiling a Spongify tile.

Charm it and you’ll bounce up to your 3rd Secret Room containing a whole lot of Beans, 5 Pumpkin Pasties, 4 Cauldron Cakes and a Collector’s Card. You have to really hurry up collecting everything in there because you have a limited time only before the floor collapses. So you may repeat this several times until you collect everything.

Catch your Beast Card # 12: Double-ended Newt. Can be purchased from the Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley. Swims around a lot and likes algae.

Now enter the second area through the entrance in the middle of the right hand side gallery between the Wizard and Witch statues. Immediately turn around and cast a triple Depulso on the upgraded tin can. Get the Beans.

On your left there is a Tapestry hanging on the wall. Leave that for now. There’s a major puzzle here. First walk around and notice a number of sculpted plants. They all have the shape of an animal. Cast Depulso on each to have them all shed a load of Beans.

Look for 4 switches, each with an animal symbol on it. Down the stairs on the left of the entrance there is an Eagle, and on the far right there is a Lion on the wall. To the right of the Tapestry there is a Wolf and in the corner of the fence in the middle there is a Snake tile (lying on the ground). Left of the Tapestry descend four steps and you’ll notice a suspicious platform on the ground under an octagonal tablet on the wall.

Step on the platform to reveal the pattern switch you must throw. Quickly run to that switch and cast Depulso on it. You have a limited time to return to the platform and jump on it again. It will reveal the next symbol. Repeat this for all 4 tablets and you’ll be rewarded with a Collector’s card. Add Beast Card # 15: Phoenix – a gentle creature. The Phoenix may live for eons because it can regenerate each time it bursts into flames. The Phoenix’s song is magical and its tears have healing properties.

Cast Alohomora on the Tapestry now and it will roll up unveiling a Gargoyle. Cast Lumos on it and return to the square. On the right side of the Entrance Door there is a charmed square in the corner. Go stand on it and a Magic Spongify tile will be revealed. Cast Spongify and jump up to your 4th Secret Room. Find your Beast Card # 11: Giant Purple Toad – Likes dead flies and other insects. Has a long, green tongue.

Drop down and run to the opposite open door and follow Neville. Take the Beans on each side of the covered bridge. Cast Depulso on the Suit of Armor on the right and a triple Depulso on the Suit of Armor with the shield on the left and get more Beans.

Return to the Gargoyle and cast Lumos again. Cross the bridge again past the two tin Soldiers and part of the walls left and right are now charmed. This is Secret # 5. Open the chests on each side for Beans. Go out here and find a Save Book on your right.

[4.2] In the next area go to the end and turn right and then left and pick up a Cauldron Cake on each side.

Hagrid’s hut is down and to the left and there you’ll find a Collector’s Card. This is your 6th and final Secret, Beast Card # 13: Gytrash – Large Dog-like spirit that can be encountered in the Forbidden Forest, either singly or in groups.

To the right of the hut there is a garden with a Scarecrow and 6 pumpkins. Cast Depulso on each pumpkin and take out everything they shed: Beans and Pumpkin Pasties. New Pumpkins will appear, so keep casting Depulso on them until you have smashed them all. Cast a triple Depulso on the Scarecrow 4 times in a row to get the two Cauldron Cakes out. Go left and approach the Save Book by the portal. A cut scene will show Draco Malfoy arriving with some Pixies.

Neville stands in front of the portal and says: Um... when you three have finished dealing with the Pixies, Care of Magical Creatures Class is this way. Now save by that Book.

Mini Game: Pixies

[4.3] Follow the path left until you reach a well.

We’ve got a Pixie infestation on our hands. If you don’t get all of the Pixies on the first try, you can try again as often as you want. You can earn a Collector’s card each time you can beat the swarm. If you can drive off every last Pixie in the well, you’ll earn all five Cards in the set. But that’s no easy feat!

Cast a triple Depulso on the bucket above the well and a swarm of Pixies will appear. Keep in mind using the left and right strafe buttons and casting Rictusempra on them. Then, a second swarm appears. After you’ve sent them all to the well an autosave will be made.

[4.4] You’ll get 2 Chocolate Frogs.

Also take a Collector’s Card, the Giant Card # 1: Bran the Bloodthirsty (Medieval, dates unknown) – Lived in a castle on top of an enchanted Beanstalk. Apparently fond of eating bread made with ground bones and washed down with the blood of an Englishman. Was slain by a boy named Jack. After the second swarm you’ll get another autosave.

[4.5] Eat two Chocolate Frogs.

Take your Giant Card # 2: Cyclops (Ancient Greece, dates unknown). A one-eyed giant who lived in a cave at the foot of Mount Etna. With the help of several sheep, was slain by the Greek hero, Odysseus.

Here we go for a third round. Cast a triple Depulso on the bucket and this time get three swarms in a row. It’s getting tougher now. Again, an autosave will be provided.

Watch the Pixies’ stamina meter in the upper right corner

[4.6] Take the two Frogs.

You’ll get the Collector’s Card, Giant Card # 3: Goliath (Biblical, dates unknown) – Mercenary giant used by the Philistines in their war with the Israelites. Was slain by a young boy with a slingshot.

Ready for the fourth round? Here we go. Shoot the bucket... More and more keep coming out... When you get them, a new autosave is made.

[4.7] Again, raise your stamina with the two chocolate Frogs.

Now take your Giant Card # 4: Morholt (Ancient Celtic, dates unknown). Gigantic Brother of the King of Ireland. Wounded Tristan, the Celtic hero, with a poisoned sword when the latter tried to kill him. Fifth and final round now!  Now you get loads of them coming out! Still apply the same tactics and after the very last Pixie is vanquished the well will collapse and you’ll get another autosave.

[4.8] Catch 4 Chocolate Frogs.

Now get your final Giant Card # 5: Hengist of Upper Barnton (15th century). Giant killed by the famous giant-slayer Gifford Ollerton. You’re finished here, so return to the portal where you met Neville. The game will now load without a save point.

Care of Magical Creatures Class

This Class is provided by Hagrid. Yes, he became a Professor now at Hogwarts! I’d like ter introduce yeh ter Buckbeak. He’s a Hippogriff. Today, you’ll be learning how to ride him.

Hagrid watches Harry mounting the Hippogriff


Draco Malfoy makes a nasty remark: I hope Hagrid doesn’t expect us to touch it. Disgusting creature. Hagrid: As soon as yer ready, jus’ click the right mouse button to make Beaky fly.

You can direct Beaky from left to right but to get him to go up click the right mouse button once (or press the Jump key) to flap his wings. This will take some practice. Yer goal is to fly through enough bats ter beat the top number of the counter (1500).


Harry is ready to go


When you fly through a bat you’ll get 100 points. If you pass the test, you’ll get a Collector’s Card, Quidditch Card # 1: Joscelind Wadcock (1911-present). Chaser for Puddlemere United Quidditch Team. Record for the highest number of goals during British season this century (against Ballycastle Bats, 1931).

Come back ter the paddock any time yeh want another go. There’re five courses ter fly in all... an’ you can win a collector’s card on each of ‘em.

Hagrid is referring to the Hippogriff mini game which I suggest to postpone till later since it is a very tricky ride. Then Draco Malfoy makes another nasty remark about Buckbeak:  I bet you’re not dangerous at all, are you, you great ugly brute?  But this time Beaky gets really angry and hits Draco...

Harry was very concerned about Hagrid. And with Malfoy playing up his injury, he was worried about Buckbeak too... Our friends will now return to Hogwarts Side Chamber. It is time for Transfiguration Class. They discuss how they can take the first floor Portrait shortcut or go ‘round by the stairs. But first save by the Book.


So... let's