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Expecto Patronum

Secrets: none

Mission: Complete the Anti-Dementor Lesson

[6.1] Prof. Lupin enters the Lesson area.

Now, we obviously can’t bring a real Dementor into the Castle. So we’ll make do with a Boggart. The Boggart will appear as the thing you fear the most – which in your case, Harry, is fear in the form of a Dementor. First, we’ll practice on a target. Aim your wand at the target. Then hold down the left mouse button to build the spell’s power. You’ll see a ring of light; move up your arm. For a perfect cast, you must release the Spell just as the ring passes over your wand. Give it a try. The incantation for the Spell is Expecto Patronum...

Hold the Use Wand button until the ring is moving up to the tip of the wand and then release it. Repeat 3 times and you’re ready for the next stage of the lesson. Explore the surrounding chambers... and be ready to use the Patronus Charm on a Boggart.

Go left through the bookcase arch and down the stairs to your right. You’re in a portrait gallery with sidewalks on each side. Go left and cast Depulso on a Skull lying by the fireplace to extract some Pumpkin Pasties.

Cast Alohomora on the cabinet left of the fireplace and get out Beans. Also cast Depulso twice on the suit of Armor and get some more Beans. Go to the other sidewalk and cast Depulso on a Skull lying by the fireplace there too. You’ll get 3 Cauldron Cakes. You can open the chest with Alohomora twice for more Beans.

Proceed to a large balcony with stairs going up and turn left to notice a third Skull lying on the floor. Cast Depulso for 3 Pumpkin Pasties. Go down the stairs and meet your first Save Book. The doors will definitively lock behind Harry. Save by the Book.

[6.2] There are three cabinets in this dark room.

The middle one will open up and a Dementor will appear. What a Creep, Harry thinks it is a real Dementor. No Harry, Concentrate. The Boggart has taken the shape of a Dementor to play on your fears.

Attack the Boggart/Dementor with Expecto Patronum and it will vanish. Now two more will emerge from the other cabinets.

When there is more than one Dementor – or, in this case, Boggart – the creature’s presence will likely keep you from moving. Make perfect aims at each Boggart in the area – before the Spell has time to wear off – to defeat the creatures.

Cast a Spell at one and then turn around to the second Dementor. You’ll be rewarded with a Collector’s Card, Witch Card # 3, Honoria Nutcombe (1665-1743) – Founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags.

But Harry will drop down into a deep pit facing three new Dementors. Keep a good eye on the one approaching most closest to you and cast the Spell on him. You can’t move here, only turn around. When all three are defeated Prof. Lupin says: Well done, Harry. Very well done indeed. Please forgive the trap door and so forth... It was necessary to see how you’d do if the Dementors took you by surprise. You did brilliantly. The game will load without an autosave.


The Library

Secrets: 4 (none accessible at this point)

Mission: Find a book to help with Buckbeak’s defense.

[6.3] After the Anti-Dementor lesson, Harry asks Professor Lupin if it was true that Sirius Black and Harry’s father had been friends.

Professor Lupin seems disturbed by the question. He would only say that he’d known Sirius once – or thought he did. Our friends will now meet at the Gryffindor Common Room. Ron and Hermione have a discussion about Scabbers being lost. Ron found orange hair from Hermione’s cat Crookshanks on the floor!

Ron just heard that they’re going to execute Buckbeak because he attacked Malfoy. Harry: This is all Malfoy’s doing! He’s the one who ought to be punished! An Appeal – replies Hermione – I’ve read about a case of Hippogriff-baiting. We can look in the library... They’re kept in the legal section over there – but it’s locked up.

Our friends are now in the Library and suddenly are attacked by a gang of angry Flying Books. Fight the pages with Depulso. Then two more packs will appear and when they’re all defeated two Chocolate Frogs will pop up in the middle of the Library. A cut scene will show two Blue Balls gliding over the ceiling and you’re switching into Ron now.

Pick up the Chocolate Frogs and explore the first floor of the Library. There are two chests and a Suit of Armor. Cast Alohomora twice on each chest and three times Depulso on the tin can for Beans. Cast Carpe Retractum on the first Blue Ball and pull yourself up. A table will fly up, so land on that in the air turn left and overlook the Library. You see a balcony on each side, the larger one nearest to you and another one near the entrance. You can jump from here to the nearest bookcase and explore all tops of the bookcases, but you’re unable to reach the second balcony. Could it be that all four Secrets are found in that area?

Notice that balcony out of reach on your left


Cast Carpe Retractum at the second Ball and retract Ron to the large balcony. On the left side there behind the corner is a chest to open up with Alohomora. Take 5 Pumpkin Pasties and your Wizard Card # 13: Falco Aesalon (Ancient Greek) – The first recorded example of an Animagus, he could transform himself into a falcon.

Cast Carpe Rectractum on the Blue Ball hanging on a rope in the room on the right side and a bookcase stairway will be formed to the larger balcony. You’ll be switching into Hermione now.

Climb up the three stairs to the balcony and together with Ron cast a double Alohomora on the door with two locks. The others go to Madam Pinch and Hermione is now on her own. Enter the room and notice a Save Book and a grated door. Look through the door and notice a Red Book hanging above a pedestal. Could that be the Book you’re looking for? The door is closed though …

Before saving cast Alohomora on the Gargoyle painting on the left side of the Book so it will slide upward and reveal a real Gargoyle. Cast Lumos and the bookcase behind the Book will be charmed. Save before entering here.

Charm the wall with Lumos on the Gargoyle


[6.4] There are 6 Imps waiting around the corner!

Give then a bang with their fire crackers and a grated panel on your left will slide upward giving access to a dragon statue. First open a chest on the far end to get 4 Cauldron Cakes. Nothing to do in the dark parlor around the corner but notice an unlit fireplace in there and look up to see a dragon plaque above the fireplace. Return to the statue and cast Draconifors.

Fly out as the dragon, pick up a Black Fireball high up above the chest and enter the parlor. Stand close to the fireplace and light it up. A panel in this parlor will be opened giving access to another place. There is the book! Perfect, now straight to Hagrid’s! The game is loaded now without a save point.

Hogwarts Castle

Mission: Go to Charms Class on the second floor

Hermione now meets Harry and Ron again after she dropped off the book to Hagrid. Hermione leads the boys to the Charms Class but a door opens up and frightened students come running out followed by angry book pages. Now Hermione wants to teach that thing a lesson before class... whatever it is. Harry takes over now. Go inside and save by the Book.

Mini-game: the Monster Book of Monsters

[6.5] Turn left and meet a girl.

There’s some monstrous book on the loose in there. I hope you’ve come to help. Cast triple Depulso on the giant cauldron and let the Monster book emerge. When pages attack, cast Rictusempra until they’re all gone. An autosave is made.

[6.6] Pick up the Chocolate Frogs if you need them.

Win your Hags Card # 1: Babayaga (Medieval, dates unknown) – Russian hag who dwelled in a hut that stood on giant chicken legs. Ate children for breakfast – and presumably for lunch and tea. Second round. Cast Depulso on the cauldron. It’s getting tougher this time. Back to an autosave.

[6.7] Pick up the Frogs you need. 

And go take your Hags Card # 2: Malodora Grymm (Medieval, dates unknown) – Using a beautification potion to conceal her true hag form, she married a king and used a charmed mirror to reinforce her self-image. Became jealous of the most beautiful girl in the land and fed her a poisoned apple. (sounds like Snow White...) Third round now.

[6.8] You may need some Frogs now, eh?

Your reward is Hags Card # 3: Leticia Somnolens (Medieval, dates unknown) – This spiteful hag was jealous of the king’s daughter and caused her to prick her finger on a spindle tainted with a Draught of the Living Dead. A young Wizard who had smeared his lips with Wiggenweld potion kissed the princess and brought her out of trance. (...sounds like Sleeping Beauty) Now prepare for the 4th round.

[6.9] Take some new frogs and raise all three stamina levels.

There is your Hags Card # 4: Old Mother Hubbard (Medieval, dates unknown) – Lured stray animals into her home and starved them to death. Ready for the final round now. The pages are flying faster now. Finally, when you’ve got the Book defeated it will fall down and an autosave is made.

[6.10] Raise your stamina with the Chocolate Frogs you need.

Take your final Hags Card # 5: Cordelia Misericordia (1298 – 1401) – Hag representative at 14th century summit of Wizards’ Council. Go out of the room straight to the end of the corridor, past the Gargoyle and look through the grated door on your left. That seems like a part of the Library but Harry says the door is locked...

Leave here on the opposite side of the Gargoyle into the Great Hall. Go down one floor and take the central escalators up to the 7th floor. Get off there and walk to the guy standing right of the Save Book. Buy a Collector’s Card at BB 100, Witch Card # 6: Carlotta Pinkstone (1922 – present) – Famous campaigner for lifting the International Confederation of Wizard’s Statute of Secrecy and telling Muggles that wizards still exist. Ms. Pinkstone has been imprisoned several times for her blatant and deliberate use of magic in public places.

Buy Cards from this seller


Enter Fred and George’s shop. You’ve got enough dough to buy some good stuff there now. Purchase Portrait Passwords. First the Derwent Shimpling Password at CC 12. Next the Mopsus Portrait Password at CC 12. Then the Tilly Toke Portrait Password at CC 15. You can still buy the Collector’s Cards later on. Now it’s time to join the Class.

Going outside the guy will offer you another rare Card at PP 30, Witch Card # 12: Cliodne (Medieval, dates unknown) – Irish druidess who discovered properties of Moondew.

Check on him again for another Card at BB 100, Wizard Card # 3: Crispin Cronk (1795 – 1872) – Sent to Azkaban for continuing to keep Sphinxes in his back garden despite repeated warnings.

His next Card goes at BB 175, they’re getting more and more expensive. So what, let’s have this one too, Witch Card # 7: Dorcas Wellbeloved (1812 -1904) – Founder of the Society of Distressed Witches.

The next one goes at BB 50, Witch Card # 2: Dymphna Furmage (1612 – 1698) – Famously abducted by Pixies while on holiday in Cornwall and lived in mortal dread of them thereafter. Failed to persuade the Ministry of Magic to have all Pixies humanely destroyed.

Milk this guy further, you’ve got plenty of BB Beans. Next Card goes at BB 150, Wizard Card # 4: Edgar Stroulger (1703 – 1798) – Inventor of the Sneakoscope.

Now spend BB 125 on Witch Card # 8: Elfrida Clagg (1612 – 1687) – Chieftainess of Warlock’s Council.

Finally spend PP 80 on Wizard Card # 2: Ethelred the Ever-Ready (Medieval, dates unknown) – Famous for taking offence at nothing and cursing innocent bystanders. Died in Gaol. And that’s about it for now, you don’t have enough Pumpkin Pasties to buy the next card. You can always come back when you’ve collected more. Save by the Book.


So... let's