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Level 1



1.1 Target: retrieve the Horcrux from the Lestrange Vault.

Level Start


There is a way down and a way up. Take the way up first. Past the Waterfall you’ll find your first Collectable.

The glowing Orb is Collectable 1/4


1.2 Take the collectable.

New Music track found! Wandering Part 1 - Sorrow


(Go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Go down and follow Ron and Hermione on the path leading down until you reach a door on your right. The Tutorial tells you that objectives are shown with a glowing marker. Press and hold < (Back) to see where to go next.

A glowing marker


I’ve never been this deep into Gringott’s before. It’s massive!
When they pass the glowing marker the door slides up.

1.3 Proceed. The path turns to the right behind the door.
Walk down until you are urged to hide behind a small rock. First follow a dead end to your right where you’ll find Collectable #2.

Collectable 2/4


1.4 Take the Collectable.

New Challenge Found! Challenge 1 - Gringotts


(go to the Challenge Menu to play)
Return to the rock and hide when the mine cart with Bogrod , Griphook and Ron and Hermione in disguise arrives at the Vault Door. (they do look like Ron and Hermione, but... Ron and Hermione are with Harry on the opposite side... ???)

When hiding you’ve gained Stupefy

They go inside the door and leave some Guards behind


You have to stun these Guards with Stupefy before they raise the alarm. When you Stupefy them they dissolve in a cloud of black ash.

The Guards are obviously Servants of the Dark Lord


When all the Guards are turned into black dust, join Ron and Hermione by the Door.
Ron: If we want to get deeper into Gringott’s we’ll have to go to the left.
Soon they reach a door which Hermione opens with Alohomora.

The door slides open with Alohomora


Go down the stairs behind the door.

Turn left when downstairs


Immediately hide behind a rock when a mine cart passes along the tracks above your head.

Hide behind the rock


Hide behind the next rock when a second mine cart passes by.
Run to the tunnel on your left and kill the first tunnel Guard.

This guy is guarding the tunnel on the left


Turn left by the glowing marker and enter the tunnel.

The marker at the entrance


Enter and kill the second tunnel Guard hiding behind a rock.
Hermione: We need to get going – they may try to seal off the Vault now.
Follow the tunnel through the exit.

1.5 You’ll pass a carriage on your left.

Notice this carriage at the Checkpoint


Follow the track to the next glowing marker.

The next glowing marker


When you’re at the marker a Tutorial will tell you about the appearance of <.

Press button < to look at points of interest


You’ll notice a mine cart moving on the roller coaster high on the other side. You are looking at the Vaults from above. Turn right and run to another door. The door slides open and three Guards emerge. Hide behind a rock and shoot them. Hermione will then open the door with Alohomora.



1.6 Go through the door.

We do know the way back, right? I mean, how are we going to get out again?


When you proceed some growling is heard. You’ve gained Protego!
Use Protego against the 5 or 6 Guards and kill them. You will have to get pretty close to them.
Hermione and Ron are waiting for you at a split of the path.

The straight path goes over a wooden bridge


Cross the wooden bridge and run to a dead end where Collectable #3 can be found.

Collectable 3/4


1.7 Take the Collectable.

New Character found! Ron Weasley


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Return and follow Ron and Hermione past the other bridge. It is unstable and is collapsing causing a gap between Ron/Hermione and Harry.

Harry, we’ll go on ahead … See if you can find another way down.


1.8 Behind you is a next glowing marker on the wooden bridge you’ve just passed.

Harry, we’re going to need some help down here!


From the wooden bridge where the glowing marker was you have a good view of the battle between Ron and Hermione vs. the Guards down below.

Shoot the Guards from the bridge


When you’ve shot them all a Guard will appear out of the blue and destroy it.

The bridge collapses and Harry tumbles down


Down there, more Guards will enter the scene. Use Protego when nearing them.

Kill all the Guards that keep appearing


Then run to the opposite door and join Hermione.

Join Ron and Hermione by the door


She can’t open the door because more Guards keep showing up from behind her back. Turn around and defend her against the Guards while she’s unlocking the door.
When all Guards are sent to the Dark Lord in black powder Hermione has finally opened the door.


1.9 Enter through the door.

That sound came from the Vault!...


Whatever it is, it sounds like it’s in distress.
Turn right and kill a Guard past the cart. Follow down to where the Gates are and fight more Guards.

More Guards are appearing from everywhere


When all the Guards are pulverized advance to the entrance to an open Vault.

Notice a blue shining Collectable inside the Vault


1.10 Pick up the Collectable 4/4.

New Character found! Scabior


(Go to Extras in the Main Menu to view.)
Get out of the Vault and turn right to find Ron and Hermione. Follow the path. They suddenly notice a strange smoke.

That’s no ordinary smoke! It’s a Dragon!


1.11 Our friends meet a chained up and hurt Dragon.

Look at the scars on its face... it’s barbaric how it’s been treated!...


It looks partially blind. I bet it’ll still go for you though...
We have no choice; we have to get past that Dragon: Griphook should meet us on the other side with Bogrod...

I’ll go first. You wait here.


Ron: Yeah, that, uh... sounds like a plan. We’ll stay here!
Hermione: Okay, if we have to. Be careful, Harry!
Quickly hide behind the first pillar. The Dragon will start breathing fire that you must avoid: the fire instantly kills you.

Behind the first pillar


From here you already see that the Dragon is captured on a round platform surrounded by extinguished torches.
When the fire ceases run behind the second pillar, and next behind the third.

To the next two pillars


The Dragon will then breathe fire on the fourth pillar that will therefore collapse.

The Dragon destroys the fourth pillar


Run to the broken pillar and take cover behind what’s left of it.

Take cover behind the base of the fourth pillar


The Dragon will keep breathing fire continuously now. The torches surrounding its platform are now lit. Aim at one of them and shoot. That will distract the Dragon and he’ll cease breathing fire for a short while.

Shoot one of the burning torches


Immediately run to the fifth pillar before the Dragon starts breathing fire continuously again.

Behind the fifth pillar


Again shoot one the burning torches and run to the last pillar.

1.12 A long final cinematic will now start.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bogrod and Griphook are on the other side...

...watching the Beast trying to set itself free


Bogrod hurries with the others to the Lestrange Vault and opens the door. The Horcrux is there:

Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup


Hermione notices it’s hot in there.
Griphook: They’ve added Gemino and Flagrante Curses! Everything you touch will burn and multiply! We’ll be crushed! Hurry!
Harry has to act quickly. He takes the Sword of Gryffindor from Hermione, climbs the stack of hot gold and picks up the Cup by an ear.

Harry is acting cool. He’s got the Cup!


Harry: We have a deal, Griphook.

I said I’d get you in. I never said about getting you out.


Griphook seals off the door. But the gold keeps growing and pushes the door open.

Our three friends can escape


They run to the Dragon who is still chained up. Hermione casts a spell on the heavy chain:



One by one they climb the Dragon’s tail.

Climbing the Dragon!


The Dragon escapes from its jail, enters Gringott’s bank and breaks out through the roof.

Up with the Dragon!


That was brilliant... terrifying, but brilliant!

The flight goes over a lake where the Dragon lowers down so our three friends may drop into the water.

Jumping into the lake


When they swim to the shore they’re having a conversation.
Harry: I saw Voldemort. He knows we’re hunting Horcruxes.

You let him in? Harry...


Harry: I can’t always help it. Look, there is a Horcrux at Hogwarts, something to do with Ravenclaw. We have to go there.
Ron: One problem: Snape’s Headmaster. We can’t just walk in.
Harry: We’ll go to Hogsmeade. To Honeydukes. Take the secret passage in the cellar.

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