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Level 4

The Basilisk Fang


While Hogwarts prepares for Voldemortís attack, Hermione and Ron must find the Chamber of Secrets to find a Basilisk Fang.

Hermione and Ron in the tunnels


Note: Unlike other Levels Iím not mentioning every Checkpoint and do not number them. The first and main part of this Level is a quest for the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets through a number of tunnels where you meet lots of Spiders, and there are too many Checkpoints here, all looking alike. Also the four Collectables are found within these tunnels. As usual, grabbing a Collectable creates a Checkpoint.

Ron is carrying a torch and you play as Hermione. Your best Spell against the Spiders is Expulso.

Ron: Never thought Iíd be back down here again.
Hermione: Whateverís down here, we still have to get the Basilisk Fang.
Ron: Trolls, Death Eaters, Slytherins, anything but blimminí Spiders.

At this intersection where Ron follows to the right, go left and find your 1st Collectable:

Go left here

Collectable #1


New Character found! Aberforth Dumbledore.
(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Suddenly Ron drops down from a small broken staircase.

These passages are very old


Here youíll meet the first Spiders. Use Protego against the Spiders that jump.
Ron is then trying to unlock a door.

Run is opening a door


Meanwhile youíre attacked by Spiders from the back.

Take care of the Spiders

Iím getting there... just keep casting.


When the door is open a Spider is waiting on the other side.

Your welcome Spider


Past the door go right of the junction and find Collectable #2.

Go right

Collectable #2


New Music Track found! Wandering Par 4 Ė Serenity.
(go to the Extras Menu to listen)
Ron: These must be long-lost relatives of Aragog...
Hermione: No, Ron, theyíre Spiders, not Acromantula.
Youíre entering a dangerous cave now. Some Spiders can attack from long-range by spitting webs.

A Spiderís spit attack is particularly powerful


Get rid of the spitting Spiders and enter through another door.

Enter another section of this labyrinth


At another junction Ron goes right. Turn left for your 3rd Collectable.

Ron continues to the right

Go left and find your 3rd Collectable


New Character found! Professor McGonagall.
(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Then, youíll be entering another cave.

There are lots of Spiders in there!


Ron arrives at a new door the he must open. This door seems harder to unlock.

Meanwhile kill all the Spiders attacking from the cave


When the door is open follow Ron.  Heíll go to the left side of the junction. Take the right side for your 4th Collectable.

Ron goes left

Go right for the Collectable


New Challenge found! Challenge four Ė The Basilisk Fang.
(go to the Challenge Menu to play)
Careful! After youíve taken Collectable 4/4 two Spiders will attack from the back.
Ron enters another cave.
The Chamberís close - Letís get this over with!
Follow Ron until he finds another door to open.

Defend Ron from Spiders attacking from the cave


Once youíre inside the door wonít entirely close allowing numerous of Spiders to enter. Quickly turn around.

Kill all the Spiders until the door closes


Then you will enter the Chamber of Secrets!

The Chamber of Secrets revisited


The corpse of the Basilisk is rotting on the floor.

Ron extracts a Fang from the jaws

Hermione. You do it.


Hermione picks up a Chalice.

Hermione has to stick the Fang into the Chalice


This act drives Voldemort nuts.

Another Horcrux taken from the Dark Lord


Then a true Tsunami builds up from the statue. The camera view is frontal. There is falling debris you have to avoid.

Ron and Hermione will have to flee from the torrent of water


When Hermione has reached other side joining Ron the unpredictable is happening.

Ron and Hermione fall into each other's arms!


Meanwhile Voldemort and his gang of Death Eaters arrive at Hogwarts.

Voldemort destroys the protecting bell of the Castle


All hell breaks loose at Hogwarts. McGonagall shouts:

Fall inside, everybody inside!


She orders to destroy the bridge. Neville:

I canít believe McGonagall wants us to blow up the wooden bridge.


Yet Voldemort and the Death Eaters are already running to the bridge!

The war has begun