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Level 7

The Lost Diadem


7.1  Harry is looking for Ravenclaw’s lost Diadem – a Horcrux hidden within the Room of Requirement – but he is not alone.

He will meet Hermione and Ron here

Hermione: Harry, where’s the Horcrux?


Harry: The Ghost of Helena Ravenclaw... she told me the Diadem was hidden in here. I can feel it.
Suddenly Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini enter the Room of Requirement:

That’s my Wand, Potter.


Harry: I don’t think so. Its allegiance is to me now... if you want it, you’ll have to win it back.
Goyle provokes Draco into a Crucio Spell:
C’mon Draco. Don’t be a coward. Just do ’im. Crucio!
Harry assumes a defensive position and the others decide it would be wiser to flee over a stack of books for now:

7.2 Watch yer back, Potter! We’ll be waiting!

Ron: Harry, you OK?


Harry: I’m fine, but we’ll have to keep an eye out for them.
Hermione: C’m on let’s find the Diadem.
Turn left and find your first Collectable by bookshelf in a corner.

Notice Collectable 1/6


7.3 Take the Collectable.

New Music Track found! Wandering Part 7 - Surrender


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)

Follow Hermione past the stack of rumble to section 2


Hide behind the cabinet and cast your powerful Spells on Draco and Blaise.

Expel Draco and his gang


Walk to the glowing marker. Harry will get a headache. Hermione cleans up the stack of junk giving access to section 3.

Enter section 3


Notice a Collectable and a glowing cabinet in the center.
Hide behind the cabinet and hit Blaise until the stack he’s hiding in collapses.

Cast from behind the glowing cabinet


Run to the Collectible you already saw when entering this section.

Collectable #2


7.4 Take the Collectable.

New Character found! Gregory Goyle


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Pass the glowing marker into section 4.

Section 4


7.5 Pass the glowing marker on top of the rubble accessing section 5.

Entering section 5


Turn left.

Shoot the bad guys


In a corner you can spot a Collectable.

Run to the Collectable


7.6 Take Collectable #3.

New Character found! Draco Malfoy


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
There’s a glowing marker in this section now. Run to it.

A new glowing marker


When Harry passes the marker his headache will start again. Hermione heads for a pile of rubble and moves it. You have an entrance to section 6.

Hermione frees the entrance to the next section


Go in and cast from behind a cover.

A good cover


Go left and find the 4th Collectable.

A Collectable in front of a glowing cabinet


7.7 Take the Collectable.

New Challenge found! Challenge 6 – A Giant Problem


(go to the Challenges Menu to play)
Ron and Hermione are waiting by a glowing marker.

Ron and Hermione by a glowing marker


Pass the marker and notice another one on a stack of rumble.

The next marker


7.8 Approach the new glowing marker.

A new Checkpoint


Enter section 7 and take cover behind a black cabinet. Cast on the enemy from here.

Cast from behind this cover


Nearby is Collectable #5.

Collectable #5


7.9 Take the Collectable.

New Challenge found! Challenge 7 – The Lost Diadem


(go to the Challenges Menu to play)
Follow the next glowing marker.

The glowing marker


When Harry passes the glowing marker he’ll get another headache.

Harry’s headaches


Hermione cleans up the stack.

The entrance to section 8


7.10 By entering section 8 you’ll grab Collectable 6/6.

New Character found! Blaise Zabini


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Harry has to run to the next glowing marker, gets a headache, and Hermione opens the way to the 9th section.

The Horcrux. I’s just behind here.


Hermione walks to a pile of rubble. The Horcrux is on top!

The Horcrux on a pile of rubble


7.11 Let’s just get the Horcrux and go.

Hermione, the Diadem; you’re the closest.


Hermione collects the Diadem.

Let’s get out of here.



RUN! Goyle’s set the... place on fire.


7.12 Run for the fire! The camera has a frontal view.

Run, aim, and cast!


When your run is being slowed down some blue burning objects will be catapulted to Harry. Aim at them first, then cast. When they blow up they will reduce the fire for a while, so Harry can keep running without getting burned and die.

Target the burning objects to avoid being hit


7.13 Escape the fire!

We’re trapped!


Harry notices broomsticks:
Here! take one.

Harry, Ron and Hermione escape by the broomsticks


Meanwhile Draco and Blaise are climbing up to a stack of rubble:

Goyle didn’t make it.


Harry comes flying by and...

...offers Draco a lift on his broomstick


And Ron offers a lift to Blaise.
Then Hermione casts a Spell and they all tumble down.

Everyone drops down after Hermione’s Spell


Harry lands near the Horcrux.

The Horcrux


He sticks the Fang into the Horcrux and hurts Voldemort.

The Fang into the Horcrux

Voldemort is in agony


Draco and Blaise run off. Harry remembers Nagini, the Snake:

It’s the Snake. Nagini. She’s the last Horcrux.


Ron: You saw the Snake? And Voldemort? Where are they, mate?
Harry: The Boathouse.