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Level 5

A Job to Do


5.1 Neville, Seamus and Ginny have a Job to Do: destroy the covered bridge to prevent Death Eaters from reaching the School. You play as Seamus for now. Neville:

I’ll cover you from the bridge, Seamus.


Ginny: Good luck... be careful, Seamus!
Seamus: I’ll do my best!

Turn left into the Gallery, left again and and run till the end to get your Collectable 1/5.

Turn left

Find Collectable #1 at the end of the Gallery


5.2 Take the Collectable.

New Music Track found! Wandering Part 5 – Dark Magic


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)
Return to the Courtyard and find Collectable #2 at the back of the Statue.

Collectable #2


5.3 Take the Collectable.

New Character found! Seamus Finnigan


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Turn around and notice Neville standing by the entrance to the bridge. Ginny:

Go and plant the charges Seamus. Neville will keep watch from the bridge.


5.4 Approach Neville.

Neville is keeping watch from the bridge


Turn left and leave the Gallery from the opening in the wall. Ginny:

I’ll cover you from here, Seamus. Keep your head down.


Death Eaters start casting lethal Spells from the opposite side. Run to the nearest hiding rock to the left.
Neville: Look out, Seamus! Take cover. I’ll see if I can sort them out! Head for that next bit of cover when I say: RUN!
Keep that advice in mind! Turn around the corner behind the first cover and run down to the rock with the glowing marker.

Run down behind the corner


On Neville’s commands run to the next two hiding rocks.

Run to the next rock...

...and to the last one


Then on Neville’s command run to the bridge’s support. Neville:

Thank goodness. You made it!


5.5 Press A to place the first of 6 charges. Some lightning crystals will grow.

One down, a few more to go.


You have gained Confringo! This is a very powerful Spell against stronger Death Eaters, like the long-robed ones. Keep the following given advice in mind:

-        look for Apparition trails, they can give away enemy positions

-        constant casting will make your aim inaccurate. Switch Spells or cast shorter bursts

-        some Spells take time to re-cast, try switching between Spells whilst they recharge

From here on this long Level is a mere Arcade Shooter. You’ll have to kill hundreds of Death Eaters.
Run right and hide from many Death Eaters. Shoot them all to clear this area.


Confringo is a powerful killer


Return to the bridge and take the lower path. There is a glowing marker by the second support.

Take the lower path to the glowing marker


5.6 Press A to plant the second charge.

Charge 2/6


Run left and down behind the corner where you’ll have to hide behind a rock and shoot all the Death Eaters on the opposite side.

Shoot the Death Eaters on the opposite side


Then you arrive at the third support of the bridge. Shoot a few powerful Death Eaters before you can do your Job.

Run to the third support


5.7 Plant the 3rd charge.

Charge 3/6


Take the path down the 4th support of the bridge, killing hundreds of Death Eaters. When they’re all gone keep running down always looking behind your back.
You’ll notice Collectable #3.

Turn around and notice Collectable #3 on the way down


5.8 Approach Collectable 3/5 and take it.

New Character found! Neville Longbottom


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Run to the lit torches and fight some more Death Eaters blocking your way.

Get rid of the Death Eaters and follow the path of torches


Shoot all torches.

Shoot the torches you meet


A Collectable will then appear left of the final torch.

Collectable 4/5


5.9 Take the 4th Collectable .

New Music track found! Wandering Part 6 – Tension


(Go to the Extras Menu to listen)

You’ll soon reach the 4th bridge support.

The glowing marker by the 4th bridge support


5.10 Place the 4th charge.

The shiny crystals are growing


Turn right, clear the paths of Death Eaters and proceed to the 5th bridge support.

The glowing marker at the 5th support


5.11 Place the 5th charge.

Still one to go!


Go left and clear the path from all the Death Eaters. When you reach the 6th support meet some more Dead’o.

Take care of these Zombies first


Then run to the support and finish your Job.

5.12 Place the 6th and final charge on the bridge support. You’ll switch to Neville now:

You better run back! I'll hold them off.


You have gained Petrificus Totalus! A most powerful Spell against all Death Eaters!

Neville is running to the bridge

From the first opening in the bridge’s wall kill all the Death Eaters that threaten Seamus down below.

They're easy to target

5.13 Brilliant! That sorted them out!

Neville will then run to the three more openings on the bridge, and will have to continue defending Seamus against plenty of Death Eaters again.

Neville runs to the third opening


Notice a Collectable on the left side and keep this spot in mind.
From this range stick to Confringo, Expulso and Petrificus Totalus.

Shoot all the Death Eaters to defend Seamus


5.14 Well done, mate!

Neville runs to the fourth opening


Neville has to protect Seamus again for a fourth time (sigh...). So keep shooting them Monsters again... they keep coming...

5.15 Seamus runs to another spot and is trapped again.

Continue with the Arcade shooting Party


5.16 All remaining Death Eaters are running to the bridge now.

Thanks, Neville!


Apparently the Witch Scabior is commanding this Squad of Death Eaters:
Come on, stop the little beggars!
Seamus: Look out, Neville, they’re coming onto the bridge!

Hold out against the enemy


5.17 While running on the bridge grab Collectable 5/5 that you saw before.

New Challenge found! Challenge 5 - A Job to Do


(go to the Challenges Menu to play)

5.18 Neville has to run now and shoot the enemies behind his back.


Neville, I didn’t get to set the last charge... without it the bridge won’t blow.

Yet the bridge is being blown up


5.19 Neville has to run now and shoot Scabior behind his back.


The camera view is in front


Run forward while casting Protego for defense and Expulso to slow down Scabior who is following you.

A hell of a run


5.20 If you make it to the other end...’ll tumble down from a crack in the floor


Neville climbs up and meets Seamus and Ginny.
The final cut scene will now follow.

Fire on Hogwarts!


Then an atrocious Giant is appearing and smashing the Armors that came alive.

A huge Giant!


You have gained Impedimenta!