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Level 6

A Giant Problem


6.1 You play as McGonagall in a Boss Fight with the Giant on the viaduct. The Giant has a Health bar on the upper right corner of the screen. There are no Collectables in this Level.

Cast Petrificus Totalus on the Giant repeatedly and notice his Health going down


Each time the Giant will knock down a pair of living Armors some long-robed Death Eaters will appear. Meantime you have to take care of them too. Thatís not difficult when you walk backwards since the Giant is very slow.
When his Health is lowest, use Impedimenta to knock him off balance.  

6.2 Cast a final Impedimenta.

The Giant is falling from the viaduct causing a gap in the banister


But heíll reincarnate on the viaduct again with a full Health bar. Repeat the same strategy. However, this time he grew stronger and will throw rocks at you. Avoid them by Protego.

The Giant throws rocks

Make sure to protect yourself with Protego


6.3 When the Health meter is lowest cast Impedimenta.

Knock the Giant out off balance from the viaduct

A final bunch of Death Eaters will appear


Kill all the Death Eaters on the viaduct. The Giant will climb up from the right again and tries to strike McGonagall with his club.

The Giant Climbs up


When the sign says so press Y to blow him into the face with Confringo.

A good hit


But heíll climb up again. When he strikes for a second time KEEP TAPPING Protego until he reclines for a short while. Now, quickly press Y for a final Confringo.

KEEP tapping Protego repeatedly

When the Giant reclines quickly press Y



Then the Giant will tumble down from the viaduct for good.

You will not set foot in Hogwarts!


Level 7