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Level 2

The Streets of Hogsmeade


2.1 Target: go to Honeydukes and find your way into Hogwarts.

Walk straight to the open gate


The earth seems trembling for a while: It’s a Caterwauling Charm!
There are a number of Death Eaters in this first section of town.

Shoot them all and gain Expelliarmus


This section is safe now. Ron and Hermione are walking to a low wooden gate.

Hermione will open this gate to a next section


You may do some walking around and see if there are any Collectables to be found.

Walk right to an open gate


2.2 Proceed left.

You’ll join Ron and Hermione at the second section


A new kind of enemy is faced here: long-robed Wizards who can cast a Protecto shield. First cast Expelliarmus to break the shield and then cast Stupefy to kill them.

Cast Expelliarmus followed by Stupefy


When all are sent to hell Ron will open the following gate.

2.3 Enter the third section.

The gate will close behind your back


Turn around behind the corner.

Ron is already hiding


There are long-range attackers in ambush firing from the windows on the opposite side. Their shots are lethal.

You have to go nearer


Casting Protego whilst moving will help you dodge between cover and avoid long-range enemy Spells.  When these two snipers are killed with Stupefy more long-robed wizards will appear. Go stand where Ron keeps shooting and hide behind the fence by the staircase leading up left.

Join Ron by the staircase

Enemies run one by one from the stairs


2.4 When all are destroyed the way up is free.

Get to Honeydukes


When you walk up the stairs you see Ron and Hermione hiding behind some fences. You can go to your right to a house with an open window.

The house with the open window


Approach the house as close as possible so you can move the camera view inside.

Inside you see a Collectable


There seems to be stairs leading up to the second floor. So go down the public stairs and notice that the entrance to the house is blocked by jars.

The entrance to the house


Walk up the stairs again and look at the window from the opposite side. There is no way to get inside.

Look at the window from the opposite side


For now we seem unable to take this Collectable...

[NOTE: You need to have earned the Apparate ability in one of the next Levels in order to entering the window. Return here after having finished the Game. See the Paragraph on Collectables in the Epilogue]

Follow Ron and Hermione to the glowing marker at the entrance to a house. The door explodes and two Wizards appear. Kill them. Before entering the house take the dead end on your left and pick up Collectable #2.

Take the alley on your left

Collectable #2


2.5 Take the collectable.

New Character found! Death Eater


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Now enter the house.

2.6 Walk up the stairs.

Checkpoint on the stairs


Upstairs you enter a square with a central bandstand.

The square with the bandstand


When you proceed to the low wall a first bunch of enemies will attack. Shoot all the foes.

Hide behind the low wall


Then hide in the bandstand and shoot some more from there.

Shoot lots of enemies from within the bandstand


When you leave the bandstand notice a glowing marker before the entrance to a house. When you approach it will explode and you’ll have to deal with a new set of scumbags.

Get rid of these too


Now you may enter the door where the glowing marker is.

Go through the door with the glowing marker


2.7 Exit the house on your right.

You arrive at a new section in town

Go to the glowing marker


Hermione is unlocking the door but she’s prevented by the attacks of Death Eaters. Defeat them all.

Hermione is working on the door

Destroy that bunch


Left of the door is a small alley turning right.

2.8 Collectable #3 is at the end of the alley.

New Music Track found! Wandering Part 2 - Determination


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)
Now you can enter the door to another section.

Go through the door Hermione just unlocked


2.9 I think we’re almost there.

Harry, they knew we’d come here. It could be another trap.


We don’t know that though. Besides, it’s not as if we’ve got any other ideas.
Run to the right corner of the square. You’ll notice a glowing sphere – Collectable #4.

Collectable #4


2.10 Grab the Collectable.

New Challenge found! Challenge 2 – The Streets of Hogsmeade


When you turn around you’ll have to fight a number of Death Eaters. Then Hermione will urge you to take cover in the Market Hall.

You have to defend the Market Hall from the attacking Death Eaters!


When the coast is clear Dementors are arriving from the air.

2.11 Hermione:

Cast Expecto Patronum, Harry!

Expecto Patronum!


Someone’s calling Harry:

In here, Potter.


Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the old man’s house.
You fools! What were you thinking coming here?
Harry: You’re Aberforth. You’re Dumbledore’s brother.

Do you have any idea how dangerous it is?


Harry: Your brother gave us a job to do. We need to get into Hogwarts. Tonight.
Aberforth: Ariana, you know what to do.

Mr. Dumbledore... thank you.


The painting of Ariana is swinging open and the secret passage to Hogwarts is revealed.