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Level 12

Voldemort’s Last Stand


12.1 The attack on Hogwarts is escalating.

Hogwarts is burning!


12.2  High in the battlements of Hogwarts, Harry continues battling Lord Voldemort.

Hold on against Voldemort


Voldemort is also apparating very fast. Keep following his track and switch between Confringo and Petrificus Totalus.
Look around for three Collectables before it’s too late to reach them.

Collectable 1/3


12.3 Pick up the Collectable.

New Challenge found! Challenge 12 – Voldemort’s Last Stand


12.4 Hit Voldemort until his Life Meter is at about 2/3 and he will cause part of the walkway collapsed.

Voldemort destroys part of the walkways


At one point the damage done to Voldie-Boy turns into rage.

I confess myself disappointed... you can hide no longer.


Run around again under Protego until you find Collectable #2.

Collectable 2/3


12.5 Take the Collectable.

New Character found! Lord Voldemort


(Go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
For a second time Voldemort is severely hit.

12.6 Voldemort destroys a part of the ceiling.

We have come far, you and I. But now you must fail...


Then find the 3rd Collectable by a door.

Collectable 3/3


12.7 Pick up the Collectable.

New Music Track found! Combat Part – The Final Duel


(Go to the Extras Menu to listen)
When Voldemort is defeated for now, Harry approaches him full of self-confidence:
You killed my parents!

And many, many more, Harry.


12.8 Voldemort casts a magnetic Spell that attracts Harry.

Harry is pulled towards Voldemort

Why do you live?


Harry: Because I have something worth living for.
Voldemort tries to use his Elder Wand on Harry, but Harry is able to deflect its Power.

Voldemort is unable to Hurt Harry with the Wand


Harry: You were right. The Elder Wand will always fail you.
Voldemort (seemingly panicking now): It belongs to me! I killed Snape!

The Wand’s allegiance was never to Snape...


...let’s end this the way we started it...

Harry pushes Voldemort from the balcony


They both tumble down to the Courtyard.

Harry pulls up

Voldemort tries to reach the Elder Wand


Harry: I told you, it’s useless to you.
At this moment Ron and Hermione run in.

They are attacked by Nagini but Neville chases the Snake with his Sword

That’s the end of a treacherous Snake!


Meantime Voldemort succeeds in picking up the Elder Wand and casts at Harry:

Avada Kedavra!


However Harry blocks the Spell with his Wand and an Energy Ball gets stuck in the middle between them.

Both Spells are colliding in the middle


12.9 With the Dark Lord’s last Horcrux, Nagini, destroyed, Voldemort and Harry lock Wands in a final battle.

Keep the beam focused on Voldemort to suppress him


The trick is to maneuver the Energy Ball with LT so that it aligns with you and Vold’o. Then for one second the Magic is broken and Harry’s Spell will reach Vold’o along the beam to hit and weaken him.

Harry sends the Energy to Voldie-Boy


Now go for a second time.

A second and lethal blast!


12.10 The Dark Lord-of-Baloni is blowing his terminal breathe.

All evil is being swallowed

Tom Riddle falls to pieces


Harry stands up and witnesses the disappearing green goo of what once was Lord Voldemort.

Nothing will be left of Voldemort


Next we see Harry, Ron and Hemione walking on the viaduct – or what’s left of it.

Not exactly leaving the place better than we found it, are we?


Hermione: Why didn’t it work for him? The Elder Wand?
Harry: When Voldemort killed Snape, he thought the Wand would become his. But it never belonged to Snape. It was Draco who disarmed Dumbledore. From then on, the Wand answered to him. Until... I disarmed Draco.

Ron: But that means...

Harry: It answers to me.
Ron: What do you reckon we should do with it?
Harry breaks the Wand into two...

...and throws the pieces into the abyss


The camera will then take distance from Hogwarts.

Hogwarts is fading away


In a next scene we see Harry, Ron and Hermione in the future as married grown-ups with kids.

They’re at the Railway Station


Ginny: Come on Albus, James is already onboard. Lily, I told you. No one gets to go to Hogwarts until they are of age...

And Ron is married to Hermione:

You’ll be on that train with Rose soon as well, Hugo.


Hermione: Don’t wish their lives away already, Ron! Hopefully their time will be less eventful than ours.

Then the kids leave by train


That’s the end of the Game and the Credits are shown:

The Credits


Congratulations! You’ve finished the final Harry Potter Game: The Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

All Spells are now available for use in Challenge Mode and Expert Story Mode is unlocked


Harry looks into the Memories of all of his Adventures: