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As Lord Voldemort’s grip on the Wizarding’s World tightens, Harry, Ron and Hermione are more determined than ever to continue Dumbledore’s work and defeat the Dark Lord. But where are his Horcruxes, what are the Deathly Hallows and how will they discovering more about them while on the run?

This will all become clear in Part 2 of this final Harry Potter Game where Harry and his friends are faced with numerous objectives throughout their adventure. In fact this Game is a mix of an adventure Game and a third person Shooter where Guns and Bullets are replaced by Wands and Spells.



For 10 years now I have been writing the Walkthroughs of the Harry Potter Games and with Bert Jamin providing a professional and exclusive website presentation. Somehow this very last Walkthrough is a goodbye to the readers and all the work and fun that was involved.

Saving and Loading

The Game automatically saves your progress as you play. A Checkpoint Icon will appear on the bottom right of the screen.

The Checkpoint symbol


So you can’t backtrack to previous Save Blocks unless you prepare a folder with the Saved Games (like I explained in Part 1).
If you like to play it safely make a separate folder to where you copy Save Blocks per Level. You may always store your latest Saved Game (two files) and copy any Save Block in case you want to replay a part of the Game.
The default Saved Games path (in Windows 7) is:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(TM) - Part 2.


In most of the 12 Levels you may search for some Collectables – usually 4 to 6 per Level. They’re fun to save but are not really necessary to finish the Game.
With each Collectable pick-up you get an extra Checkpoint.



-        Splendid graphics, very detailed

-        Persons act and talk like in a movie

-        Breathtaking surroundings

-        Well balanced, easy control configuration

-        Pan around through 360 degrees, look up and down

-        Not a brainless shooter like Part 1, but an intelligent Game

-        An abundance of Checkpoints per Level

-        Good storyline


-        Linear, no side trips: follow the outlined tracks

-        No genuine puzzles

In my opinion:

This Game is well worth playing and concludes the Harry Potter saga in a classy way. It belongs to the better HP Episodes like The Chamber of Secrets  and The Half-Blood Prince.

Installation and becoming familiar with the Controls

You can either play the Game with the Keyboard/Mouse or with the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows, for which it was actually designed. If you play with the Gamepad first activate it and then start the Game.
In the main Menu select Options>Controller and get acquainted with the Gamepad functions.

Default Gamepad controls


Playing the Game

Before beginning a brand new Game, choose your Preferences in the Main Menu:  Display settings, etc...

The Main Menu


Select New Game in the Main Menu.

New Game


Next, select a Difficulty Level: Normal or Advanced (“Expert” is not available yet: you have to beat the Game first).

Normal (recommended)

Advanced (for experienced players)


While the Game is loading you’ll get some good advice:

Some good advice



Voldemort stands on a small island in a lake. He opens a coffin and steels a special, powerful Wand from the corpse. Then he casts a Spell in the air:

Voldemort in action


We see Harry, Ron, Hermione  and Griphook walking on a sandy beach.
Harry: Griphook, I need to get inside Gringott’s Bank, into one of the Vaults.
Griphook: It’s impossible.
Harry: Alone, yes. With you, no.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Griphook


Griphook: This is my price: the Sword of Gryffindor!

So, they arrive at the entrance of Gringott’s Bank. Harry:

Griphook, you’ll be under the Invisibility Cloak with me...


There’ll be a Horcrux in the Lestrange Vault, Ron. We find it, then we’re one step closer to killing you-know-who (Harry refers to Lord Voldemort. That name is not to be spoken).
Ron and Hermione are under temporary disguise by the Polyjuice Potion.

Hermione, how do we destroy Horcruxes if we give Griphook the Sword of Gryffindor?


Hermione: It’s the only way he’d help us. Besides, he doesn’t have the Sword... Yet.
Ron: Ready? The Polyjuice won’t last forever.
Hermione: I hope Harry knows what he’s doing.
They enter the Bank and meet Bogrod, the hot shot.

Madam Lestrange! How may I help you today?


Hermione (“Madam Lestrange”): I wish to enter my Vault.
Bogrod: Would you mind presenting your Wand?
Hermione: And why should I do that?
Bogrod: They know Hermione ‘s an imposter! They’ve been warned!
Suddenly Ron casts a Spell on Bogrod:



Bogrod is enchanted now: Very well. If you will follow me?
They start a roller coaster ride in the huge cave under the Bank. Suddenly they notice “The Thief’s Downfall”, a waterfall over the tracks.

The Thief’s Downfall


Harry, Ron, Hermione, Griphook and Bogrod tumble down. The Downfall washed away the enchantment and Ron and Hermione are recognizable again. Bogrod calls for the Guards but Ron quickly casts Imperio on him again. Griphook:

We shall meet you at the Vault, Harry Potter.


Harry (to Ron and Hermione): Griphook and Bogrod will take the direct route to the Vault. We’ll have to find another way down.

Dr. Hugh
Zandhoven , Belgium
July 2011