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Level 11

Not My Daughter

11.1 With Harry, Ron and Hermione fighting their own battles, Ginny must defend the Courtyard from a final Death Eater attack.

Look at the viaduct. There are so many of them.


In this first section you’ll have to defeat at least 200 Death Eaters that come up from all sides. So keep looking around, use Protego and all of your stronger Spells.

Defend the Courtyard


11.2 When all the Death Eaters are gone you’ll get a Checkpoint.

Keep fighting... we have to win


However, this was just warming up! More Death Eaters enter the scene so gather all of your Spells to slaughter them until you reach the next Checkpoint.
While under attack notice some Collectables in the Courtyard you’ll have to pick up during the battle.

Shooting and watching for Collectables


11.3 The second contingent has been crushed!

They’re breaking through our defenses.


Well... more Death Eaters will come into the scene. There are further Checkpoints too, but you must take the Collectables before all foes are gone, because a fire attack will make the access impossible when the last Dead’o will be sent back in black ashes. So we have to go for the Collectables in the Courtyard while under attack!
Cast Protego all the time, pick up the Collectables and meantime shoot some Death Eaters too!

Find your 1st Collectable


11.4 Take the Collectable.

New Challenge found! Challenge 11 – Not My Daughter


(go to the Challenges Menu to play)
While shooting Death Eaters find the 2nd Collectable.

Another Collectable in the Courtyard


11.5 Take Collectable 2/4.

New Music Track Found! Combat Part 4 – Securing the Bridge


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)

11.6 Here you’ll get a new Checkpoint.

That’s your third gang of Death Eaters returned to his Dark Majesty


Now run to the 3rd Collectable while applying Protego.

Spot this Collectable before it is too late!


11.7 Take the Collectable while under fire.

New Character found! Molly Weasly


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Then go after the last Death Eaters.

I think that’s the last of them.


You see a glowing marker on the right. First make sure you find the 4th Collectable before the fire missiles will hit the Courtyard.

The final Collectable


11.8 Take the Collectable, this is your last chance!

New Character found! Ginny Weasly


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)

Fire missiles will set the Courtyard on fire


Run to the glowing marker now.

Pass the glowing marker and the door to the Great Hall will open


11.9 Get back to the Great Hall!

You will meet Bellatrix Lestrange in there...

...yet also Molly Weasley!


Bellatrix: C’mon, granny, give us your best!
Molly: Not my Daughter!

11.10. When Ginny falls back to the Great Hall and is confronted by Bellatrix Lestrange, Molly Weasley defends her daughter.

Now it’s your turn; then the rest of your beloved family.


Molly: Leave my family alone!

You Weasleys are muck!


Start the Boss fight against Bellatrix. She has a Life Meter on the upper right corner of the screen.

11.11 Bellatrix is quick and agile. Cast Expulso to catch her before she apparates!

Old, weak and useless.


11.12 You get many Checkpoints during this battle.

Always switch between Confringo and Petrificus Totalus


After a while Bellatrix points her Wand into the air and launches a rock at Molly.

A rock is coming your way


When told so press the correct button.

Press Y to deflect the rock


11.13 Bellatrix can be sneaky! Keep an eye on her Apparition trail... you don’t get caught off guard


11.14 This time you’ve hit her pretty well.

Bellatrix’s Life Meter is dropping down


Her apparitions are much faster now. Finish the job quickly.

You will never touch my children again!


11.15 Bellatrix lies on the floor...