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Level 8

The Battle of Hogwarts


8.1 Harry has discovered that Voldemort’s Snake, Nagini, is the final Horcrux. Harry, Ron and Hermione must get to the Boathouse and find her.

I can’t believe Voldemort is sitting in the Boathouse not even fighting.


Voldemort’s forces are breaking into the School – we need to keep moving.
They’re attacking the whole School, Harry.
It’s not safe here. We better push on.
Keep running straight and look left.

Your 1st Collectable by the Gothic window

Run to the window


8.2 Take Collectable 1/6.

New Character found! Fenrir Greyback


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Return and go down the slope. Left of the fire is an entrance flanked by two torches.

Harry, we can go to the boathouse this way.


8.3 You can spot a glowing marker at the end of the passage.

Yeah, that door leads downwards.


Run towards the marker. Some earthquake will cause many covers along the path. You can now apparate into cover!

Apparition allows you to move quickly during combat


8.4 Move on to closer covers and shoot the Death Eaters.



Shoot the last Death Eaters from the final cover. The door is blocked and you have to find an alternative route to the Boathouse.

You can get down from the battlements


The whole School is under attack now.

It looks like the students and teachers are trying to buy us some time.


Shoot the long-range snipers and all the Death Eaters on both sides from here.

8.5 Make your way to the gap in the corner.

Apparate to cross the gap


Shoot all Death Eaters, also the snipers on the opposite side you just left and run to the next glowing marker.

The next glowing marker is situated by a sealed door


8.6 Defend Hermione while she unlocks the door:

It looks like we’re sealed off. Cover me while I try to get this open.


Hide behind the cover facing Hermione and shoot a number of foes. Then turn to the other side and watch the opposite wall explode. Death Eaters enter from the opening in the wall. Be very fast here.

The wall explodes


8.7 Hermione has unlocked the door. Go inside to the glowing Marker.

Continue to the Boathouse


Standing on the top of the staircase leading down notice two ceiling lamps of which the one on the right side is extinct. Shoot the left lamp.

Shoot the left ceiling lamp


A Collectable will then drop down from the ceiling.

A Collectable drops down

Collectable #2 is lying on the staircase

Run down to the Collectable and take it


8.8 Collectable 2/6

New Music Track found! Combat Part 1 – Courage


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)

Down the stairs turn left into the passage.

Death Eaters will try to get you


At the end of this passage the wall is being blown up spawning more Dead’o. After you’ve taken care of them go into the chapel on your right and face some more of them. In the left corner is a Collectable.

Explore this area for Collectables


8.9 Take the Collectable 3/6.

New Character found! Bellatrix Lestrange


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
On the opposite side of the chapel is a glowing marker by a door.

The next glowing marker


8.10 Hermione will meet you by the locked door.

Defend Hermione while she unlocks the door


Hide behind the cover and wait for the Death Eaters to appear. Take the ones who are sniping from the catwalks too.

Foes on the floor and on the catwalks


Hermione: That’s it. Let’s go!
Ron: Thanks, Hermione! I don’t know what we would do without you.
Run to the glowing marker behind the opened door where Hermione and Ron are waiting.

The glowing marker


8.11 Use the environment to divide and defeat the enemy!

Death Eaters will be using these stairs to get into the Castle.


Harry: So we’ll have to be quick.
Hermione: This way...
Continue heading towards the Boathouse.
Explore the stairs for Collectables first. Careful: it’s a maze and there will appear Death Eaters before you even know.

8.12 One of the stairs is collapsing.

Look out! It seems like the place is falling apart.


Harry, the battle‘s getting worse. Just find another way down.
Harry: Okay, we’ll meet at the bottom.
Get to the bottom and rejoin Ron and Hermione.
While under attack and shooting some Death Eaters find Collectable #4.

A Collectable in sight!


8.13 Run to the Collectable while casting Protego.

New Music Track found! Combat Part 2 – Fear at Hogwarts


(go to the Extra Menus to listen)
Now just running the stair maze shooting all Death Eaters you encounter.

There is a Collectable!


8.14 Apparate past the fire pit and grab the Collectable #5.

New Challenge found! Challenge 8 – The Battle of Hogwarts


You’ll be attacked by Death Eaters and have to kill them all!
Run around and find Collectable #6.

Collectable 6/6


8.15 Run to the Collectable and grab it while you’re under shot.

New Character found! Hermione Granger


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
Find the staircases that are leading down. Meanwhile there are many Death Eaters to get rid of. Finally you’ll find the next glowing marker.

Harry! You made it!


8.16 Harry meets Hermione and Ron.

Get to the Exit


Behind the pillar is a next glowing marker.

Follow the marker


Turn around and take care of the Death Eaters.

Run to the next glowing marker


More Death Eaters are coming up until you reach a room with a glowing marker.

The glowing markers outline your track


8.17 You’re entering a courtyard full of Zombies now.

Lavender, NOOOOO!...


8.18 Cast at objects near enemies to inflict more damage.

As Hermione, you’ll have a Boss fight against Fenrir here. There are so many Checkpoints I lost track. Must be five or so. So I’ll number the next Save Block #8.19.

Fenrir has a Health bar on the upper right corner of the screen


Hermione: You won’t hurt anyone ever again.  

Eventually you’ll end up at the entrance to the Boathouse.

8.19 Get to the Boathouse.

Many stairs going down to the Boathouse


Proceed to the stairs and more Death Eaters will enter the scene.

8.20 More Death Eaters?

It makes sense if Voldemort’s down there...


It’s a long descent from the stairs and there is lots of Dead’o to take down.

Look at the glowing marker by the Boathouse


8.21 When the Death Eaters are defeated...

Watch how Hogwarts Castle is attacked again


Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the Boathouse. They watch Voldemort and Snape having a conversation.
Voldemort: Why doesn’t it work for me?
Snape: You have performed extraordinary work with the Elder Wand, my Lord...

...Tonight, when the boy comes, it will not fail you. It answers only to you.


Voldemort: The Elder Wand belongs to the Wizard who killed the last owner, Severus. You killed Dumbledore... While you live, the Elder Wand cannot truly be mine.
Snape: My Lord...
On Voldemort’s command Nagini kills Snape!
Harry kneels over Snape. He’s dying:

Take them... take my memories...


...You have mother’s eyes.

Harry looks in the magic water mirror, the memories of Snape


He watches Dumbledore and Snape having a meeting in the past.

Dumbledore: But she’s DEAD!  Snape:

Her son lives. If you truly loved Lily Potter, then you will protect him...


...It’s not suspected that the Malfoy boy will succeed in your murder.
Dumbledore: Should he fail, the Dark Lord will turn upon you. You know this curse will eventually take my life. But you must be the one to kill me. Only then will Voldemort trust you completely.
Then, Harry will watch Dumbledore and Snape having a meeting later on:

There is something Harry must know...


...when Voldemort is at his most vulnerable. When Lily Potter cast herself in front of Harry, the Killing Curse rebounded. A part of Voldemort’s soul latched itself onto the only living thing I could find: Harry. So when time comes, the boy must die. Yes, and Voldemort himself must die too.

Harry joins Hermione and Ron. Hermione:

They... they killed Lupin... and Fred


Suddenly they hear Lord Voldemort speaking:

Harry Potter, I speak now directly to you...


...join me in the Forbidden Forest and confront your fate. Join me and no more magical blood will be spilt.
Harry: I’m going there now.
Ron: Are you mad? No!

It’s... meant to be...


...kill the Snake and then it’s just him. Then it will be over.