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Level 10

A Turn of Events


10.1 Harry leaves the Forbidden Forest.

He is about to meet Voldemort

Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. Come to die.


Voldemort takes his Wand and casts:

Avada... Kedavra.


Harry ends up in the Reflection Sphere – the Area between the Living and the Dead. He meets Dumbledore:

Harry, you brave, brave man. Let us walk.


Harry: Sir? Forgive me, but you are dead, aren’t you?
Dumbledore: Oh, yes.
Harry: Then... I’m dead too?

On the whole I think not.


Harry: But, I let him kill me.
Dumbledore: And that will I think have made all the difference.
Harry: A bit of him lives in me, doesn’t it?
Dumbledore: Did. It was destroyed only moments ago by Voldemort himself. You were the seventh Horcrux, Harry; the Horcrux he never meant to make.
Harry: Sir, what about the Hallows?
Dumbledore: You, Harry, are their worthy possessor. For you do not seek personal gain. You accepted death, knowing that there are far worse things in the living world.
Harry: I’ve got to go back, haven’t I?
Dumbledore: That... is up to you. Remember help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

In the next scene we see Neville at Hogwarts. He picks up the Sorting Hat.

The Sorting Hat.


Suddenly a delegation led by Lord Voldemort is entering.

Neville, who is Hagrid carrying?


Hagrid is carrying the corpse of Harry Potter.
Voldemort: SILENCE! From this day forward, you put your faith in me or suffer the consequences. HARRY POTTER IS DEAD! Now is the time to declare yourself.
Draco Malfoy steps forward.

Ron: He saved your life!


Voldemort: Well done, Draco. Who will be next? Hm? Come now, don’t be shy.
Then, Neville steps forward:

I’d like to say something.

Voldemort seems overwhelmed


Neville continues: Yes, we lost Harry tonight. But he didn’t die in vain.

Neville draws a mighty Sword (Gryffindor’s?): This isn’t over.


Voldemort deflects the Sword’s lightning but its power strikes Bellatrix.
Somehow this raises Harry from the dead!

Hagrid drops the living Harry!


Voldemort is about to cast a Spell on Harry. Harry runs to Draco.


Draco hands his Wand over to Harry!


A Boss battle starts now for Harry against Voldemort.

Harry vs. Voldemort


10.2 Lord Voldemort, believing Harry gone, demands that all declare allegiance to him. In the ensuing commotion, Harry reveals himself to be alive and confronts Voldemort.

Your friends, your School – all in ruins. Ruins, Harry.


Battle Voldemort and lure him through the Courtyard. After each hit Voldemort will teleport to another location. Keep your eyes open. He has a Health bar in the upper right corner.

10.3 You’ll get a few Checkpoints during this battle.

You have lost everything, Harry. Everything!


10.4 After a few hits you’ll have Voldemort on his knees – for now.

You were a fool to return, Harry Potter.

Voldemort rises


Voldemort chases Harry:

To the corridors of Hogwarts!


10.5 Escape the Dark Lord!

We can play this game. For a while...


You have a frontal camera view. Run and regularly aim and cast at highlighted objects to slow down Voldemort’s pursuit.

Shoot highlighted objects


Finally Harry finds the way out.

You won’t win!

Through this door Harry enters the destroyed Hall of Moving Staircases


10.6 Meantime Ron and Hermione encounter Nagini in the maze of stairs.

Hermione: We’ve got to kill the Snake!


10.7 Explore the Hall.

Get rid of all the Death Eaters and look for Collectables

There are Death Eaters everywhere

Here is a Collectable!

10.8 Take Collectible #1.

New Challenge found! Challenge 9 - Surrender


(go to the Challenges Menu to play)

In the cellar you find Collectable 2/4


10.9 Take this Collectable.

New Music Track Found! Combat Part 3 – Battle to the Vault


(go to the Extras Menu to listen)

10.10 Walk further up the stairs until you find a Checkpoint.



Here you will meet Hermione at the foot of a staircase leading up. When you walk up more Death Eaters will appear.

Walk up the stairs


On your left is Collectable #3. First take out the Death Eaters on the upper stairs.

Collectable #3

More Death Eaters on the stairs


10.11 Take the Collectable when all the enemies are shot.

New Challenge found! Challenge 10 – A Turn of Events


(go to the Challenge Menu to play)

Keep following Hermione up the stairs up and explore the platform on your left. You’ll find Collectable #4 in a corner.

Collectable 4/4


10.12 Take the Collectable.

New Character found! Harry Potter.


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)

10.13 Continue following Hermione on the upper stairs.

A new glowing marker is in sight


When Ron passes the marker the Snake will show up.

Hermione: There’s Nagini. Get Ready!