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Replay key Story Mode moments and record your best time in Challenge Mode.
Or find Magical Orbs in Story Mode to unlock Challenges.

 Challenge Mode

Story Mode: Select Chapter


Level 2 – The Streets of Hogsmeade, Saveblock 2.4:
The 4th Collectable inside a house with an open window was beyond reach when you played the Level for the first time. That’s because you were missing the Apparate ability by then. We’re going to get that Collectable now.

Open Select Chapter to view your played Levels and the number of Collectables you found so far.

Open Select Chapter and highlight Level 2: The Streets of Hogsmeade


The counter shows you have 3/4 Collectables. Replay the Level. You have all the Spells and Powers at your disposal. Play till Checkpoint 2.4.

The snow jars are blocking your way into the house


Stand on the highest stair away from the window and apparate straight into the room.

Apparate into the room

Run to the Collectable and grab it

New Character found! Professor Snape


(go to Extras in the Main Menu to view)
As you notice, this is a Checkpoint. Go down the house stairs: the four snow jars are gone!

You can enter the streets


You may as well exit the Level now. This Collectable is definitely stored in your Saved Game.

You have 4/4 Collectables found in The Streets of Hogsmeade


Requesting Saved Games

Most of the Saved Games corresponding with the Save Blocks per Level are available on request. Also the final Saved Game where you have access to all Levels in Challenge or Game Mode with all the Spells, Powers and Collectables included. In the Introduction is explained how to import Saved Game files to the correct path. Mail to Gamesover or straight to me:
Saved Games constitute only a few Kb and may be easily attached to an Email.

Is this really the end of Harry Potter?

With the conclusion of Level 12 we saw Harry and friends as parents in the future. I remember reading an interview with J.K. Rowling a while ago. She is definitely ending the Saga with Book 7... but... she may once write a sequel where Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione will be in their forties and raising a bunch of kids.

So... what do we have to think? Is this goodbye... or perhaps not? A Book > a Movie > a Game.