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Level 9



9.1 Harry realizes he must surrender himself to Voldemort to defeat him, so resolutely heads for the Forbidden Forest.

The siege of Hogwarts

Itís over. Thereís only one thing left to do.


Run past the ruins and apparate. Kill some Death Eaters until you reach the damaged viaduct where more Death Eaters will attack.

More Death Eaters on the viaduct


You can kill Death Eaters by apparating as well. At the end of the viaduct the appearing Death Eaters will cease casting:

Is he going to the Dark Lord?


Heís walking to his end!

Donít shoot at the Death Eaters


Eventually youíll run across a glowing marker.

The glowing marker


9.2 Pass the glowing marker.

Harry is noticing something unusual


He finds some kind of walnut in his hand:

Once. Twice. Thrice.


9.3 Harry enters the Forbidden Forest.

He meets the Ghosts of the Dead


The Ghost of a woman says:

Youíve been so brave, sweetheart.


Harry: Why are you here? All of you?
We never left, dear.
Harry: Does it hurt? Dying?

Itís just like falling asleep.


Harry: Can anyone else see you?
Male Ghost: No, we are part of you now. As you are a part of us.
More Ghosts and Dementors are joining Harry:
Thereís so much I want to say. Iím sorry. I didnít want any of you to die for me. And Remus, your son...
Male Ghost: Others will tell Teddy what his mother and father died for. Someday he will understand...
Harry: But so many... Tonks, Fred... Snape.
Male Ghost: Remember them as they were.
Harry: I will try to.

Donít mourn them. Their memories remain.


Harry: I will never forget you.
Female Ghost: We know. Youíre nearly there, son. We are so proud of you.
Harry follows the Ghosts:
Youíll stay with me?
Male Ghost: Until the end.
Harry: Stay close to me.
Ghost: Always...