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Level 1

1.1 Right after Voldemort’s Spell we get a frontal view of Hagrid flying above the clouds on his motorcycle.

Harry is sitting in the side car and there are a number of Death Eaters disguised like fake Harry Potters on broomsticks and flying monsters following them. They are constantly firing at the motorcycle.

Hagrid and Harry flying over the clouds followed by Death Eaters in disguise

Hagrid: Everybody ready? Once we get to The Burrow you’ll be safe. And if anyone attacks us on the way, with us all disguised as you, Death Eaters’ll never know who the real one is!

Hold tight, Harry!

1.2 Look ou’!

Harry must now look around and target the Death Eaters

Focus on a Death Eater with R, target with LT until it turns red and cast Stupefy (that’s the only Spell you have so far) pressing RT to eliminate the bugger.

Death Eaters are approaching

Hagrid: Can’t do it, Harry. My job’s ter get yeh where we’re goin’ safe and sound.

Target one of them

Now cast Stupefy

Hagrid: No Death Eater’s goin’ to get Harry Potter! You keep castin’. I’ve got a few tricks up me sleeve.

You earn more XP (Experience Points) when you get rid off as many Death Eaters as you can.

Hagrid is diving down through the clouds.

Harry: Hagrid, look out!

Hagrid reaches a Motorway down below:

1.3 Here we go again. Haha. This’ll shake’em.

Hagrid lands on a Motorway

Hagrid will still fly: under bridges, past trucks and cars while you have to fight the Death Eaters.

There’s more of ‘em behind us!

You’re entering a tunnel

Look in front and behind you and shoot the Death Eaters following you.

Lock on and cast Stupefy

1.4 Hagrid! Haaagrid!

At the exit of the tunnel Hagrid is flying up into the clouds again. Now there’s loads of Death Eaters following our friends. Try to get as many down as you can. If you don’t shoot enough of them your mission will be failed and you will have to start over from save block 1.4. You will notice when the screen is fading.

Look around everywhere

This is where the screen is fading

Don’ worry, Harry! Look up front, Harry! Yeh won’ get me! Harry, wha’s happened? Where’ve they gone?
Harry: I don’t know!
Harry seems to faint now.
Hagrid: What is it Harry? Are yeh all righ’? Harry?
Harry: It’s him.
Hagrid: Who, Harry?

1.5 A new player enters the scene.

It’s Voldemort!

Now you’ll have to hit the Death Eaters as well as Voldemort, but you can’t get Voldemort down. 

Go after the Death Eaters and Voldemort

Meantime Hagrid is descending between the high voltage pillars to land on The Burrow.

Hagrid is going to land

1.6 Harry: No! Hagrid!!!

Instead of landing, they crash. Harry tumbles down and becomes unconscious...

The motorcycle crashes