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Level 5

The Abandoned Substation


5.1 Mission: Rescue the 5 Muggle-borns

Basically, this is another shooter Level. Use Impedimenta to get rid of the Death Eaters. Most of them will then leave useful Potions.
Also cast Four-Points to find your way in this rambling jungle of metal and concrete.

Set your Spell on Impedimenta

After a few casts of Four-Points you will get an Autosave.

5.2 Continue from here

Four-Points will lead you to some Death Eaters.

Run around the barn

Immediately aim and cast Impedimenta

Then hide behind a pillar and shoot the Death Eaters that hold your 1st Muggle-born captive.

Take care of the Death Eaters

Press A to drink Strengthening Solution

Go to the Chinese Muggle-born.

Press A to cast Finite Incantatem

You have now 1/5 Muggle-borns rescued: Thank you, thanks from all of us.

Four-Points will lead you now to another Death Eater infested place.

5.3 Find a hole in the fence

Run inside and hide from 3 Death Eaters

Destroy the Death Eaters one by one.

Cast Impedimenta

Take the goodies they left behind and cast Four-Points to find your way to the staircase of an abandoned warehouse.

Find the stairs to the warehouse

5.4 Run up the stairs.

Upstairs, go left and look down from the catwalk. You’ll notice a number of Death Eaters holding a Muggle-born into custody. They won’t notice you though – at least if you’re not casting any Spells from here. 
Continue left and right around the corner past the staircase going down and find a chest at the end of the catwalk

Open the chest by pressing A and A again to collect Potterwatch Password

Fred and George’s Potterwatch gossip can be listened from Just your Luck.

Continue around the catwalk to find more items but there aren’t any. You can now run down the stairs. The Death Eaters will then notice you and start firing. You can also get your Cloak on and go down the stairs unnoticed. Look for a safe hiding spot, not too far from the Death Eaters.

Hide while the Death eaters are constantly firing

Eliminate the Death Eaters one by one but hide before the screen fades and your Mission is failed. 

Take them one by one

When all Death Eaters have vanished go to the Muggle-born.

Cast Finite Incantatem


You’ve just rescued Muggle-born #2/5: I never thought I’d be free, thank you.

Collect all goodies the Death Eaters left behind. As a last pick up the rare Felix Felicis Potion that renders you harmless and powerful for a while. 

Collect Felix Felicis

Then quickly sprint through the opening between the barrels.

5.5 Between the barrels into the field

You’ll get an Autosave here

There are appearing many Death Eaters in the field. While still protected by Felix Felicis get them easily down.

Get rid of these Death Eaters

The last two are extremely powerful and your Potion will have worn off by now.

Hide from these two

Death Eater: Keep your eyes open, we’re not here for fun, we’re to root out Mudbloods and other tainting influences.

Take each one down by getting exposed and quickly hiding again.

5.6 Four-Points will lead you to the cooling tower

Continue to the cooling tower

On your way you’ll meet more Death Eaters.

Your Spells are now more powerful

Collect all Potions left behind for later use. There is still one Death Eater firing at you from behind. Turn around and notice he is standing on top of the outer stairs of the warehouse. 

Run up the stairs and take care of the creep

5.7 Approach the first cooling tower

Some Dementors are waiting for you

Tap LB for Protego, then tap and hold LB for Expecto Patronus to expel Dementors.

Expel the Dementors

Go inside and free Muggle-born #3 by pressing A.

I was so worried, thank you.

Pick up the goodies and run to the second cooling tower. 

Your way to the second tower

There are many Death Eaters to defeat. Some are standing behind the fence and others before the fence.

Extinguish the Death Eaters

Find your way into the tower with Four-Points

The entrance is through a gap in the fence

You will find the last two Muggle-borns here.

Cast Finite Incantatem twice

You’ve rescued all 5 Muggle-borns: Mission completed.