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Level 9

9.1 Cast Four-Points and find your way in.

The Entrance

Ron: There’s a lot more security here than the last time we came.
Hermione: Just Remember, we belong here; don’t look nervous.

Cast Four-Points

Left you’ll find a Deathly Hallows Symbol.

Press A and collect the Symbol

Four-Points will show you the way

Go to the lifts now.

Your way to the lifts is left

9.2 You’ll meet a guide in front of the lifts.

Ah... exactly the pair I’ve been looking for.

With your wife in custody I would’ve thought you’d make an effort to turn up to meetings on time.
My wife?
Forgotten her already? Now come along, or do you want me to report you too?
Of course he doesn’t, we’ll both come.

Ron: Sorry, mate, we’ll find you when we can. You find Umbridge. She’s on Level One.

Ron, Hermione and the Guide ascend with the elevator

Go to the Security Office to find out which lift goes to Level One

9.3 Turn away from the elevators. 

Turn around

Cast Four-Points to find the way

Once you ascend the stairs in the tunnel, the Polyjuice Potion has worn off. Press Y to wear the Invisibility Cloak.

Get Cloaked

Now these screenshots are all very blurry because Harry is looking through the Cloak. Get inside here and search the Security Office.

Enter here (Cloaked)

Once you get into the Security Office by casting Four-Points you will be told that the middle lift will take you to Level 1.
Now return Cloaked through the tunnel and get down as fast as you can because you will be followed by Wizards and Witches.

Return through the tunnel to the lifts

Find the middle lift. When you reach it the door will open.

The middle lift

You will be shot though and you only have one chance to stand up and get into the lift.

Level 10