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Level 12

12.1 Here we go for a long and boring shooter Level when escaping from the Ministry of Magic.

Select Spells to match situations. Some Spells work better against different enemies or when required to affect the environment

In fact this information is pure nonsense. The only effective Spell is Impedimenta against over 50 of Wizards and Witches you are bound to fight in this Level. 
Those Potions and other Spells arenít worth that much, except of course Doxycide against Doxies (which you will hardly ever meet again) and Expecto Patronum to expel the Dementors you will also meet here. So donít risk your life and pick them up.

Make sure to hide wherever you can.
Also cast Four-Points to escape from here on a regular base.

Iím not going to make many screenshots in this Level except at places where you need to run to and at Save Blocks. Your goal is the lifts once again.

Run left at the golden gate and up to the ramp.

Shoot the Wizards on top of the ramp

Cast Four-Points.

Youíll have to turn right here

Hide from the Witch like in a Police film, run to her and shoot.

Getting rid of the Witch

Run left at the end of the corridor and left again.

Run left twice

12.2 Hide behind the wall

A Wizard and a Witch to take down

Go left and either hide behind the wall or behind the metal panel where you have to duck. There are lots of Wizards and Witches so you have to shoot them one by one with the help of Ron and Hermione.

Duck and hide behind one of the metal panels

Then make your way through the first Gazebo getting rid of another pack of Wizards.

To the first Gazebo

Make your way to the second Gazebo and expel a Dementor.

Dementors are entering the scene as well

Your Health has increased

Kill a Witch standing in your way and get:

Felix Felicis

12.3 Turn left

Hide behind the statue

Kill the W&W and turn left. Run to the end of the corridor.

Run till the end of this corridor

There still are a few W&W and a Dementor. Turn right and see the lift. Talk to Ron. Heíll tell you:

Letís go to the lift, mate.

12.4. The lift will bring you to a lower floor.

Ron: So far so good, eh? Rather enjoying this.

Hermione: Are you all right, Harry?

Ron: I-I can feel it... itís like the Horcrux is alive.
Hermione: We should take turns to carry it.
Harry: Iíll take it. 
Hermione: The sooner we can find a way to destroy it, the better.
Ron: Letís go to the floo network.

Cast Four-Spells and turn right.

Turn right

12.5 But the show isnít over yet.

When you run towards the tunnel two Wizards will emerge and attack. Then turn right and kill the Death Eater. Behind the statue is a circus with pillared galleries left and right.

A circus with pillars left and right

Go to the left gallery where you can safely hide from loads of Creeps and run to the next metal shield. Stay close to a pillar and eliminate them one by one. Look left and right and also to the opposite gallery for hiding Wizards and Death Eaters.

Always hide between the pillars

Meanwhile you will also encounter two Dementors.

Expel the Dementors

Keep moving on until most enemies are shot and you are far enough in the circus.

12.6 (Cinematic)

Seal the exits! Now!

Ron: Too late, mate. 

Harry, Ron and Hermione are catapulted out of the Ministry

Level 13