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Level 21


21.1 Meet Hermione again under the cooling tower from the camp site.

She tells him to go find a Sword in a place that Dumbledore knew well. 
In a next scene we see Harry flying past some streets in London. 

21.2 Harry lands in a snowy garden.

His mission is to find the gravestone of his parents.

Dementors are flying all around in the street

Turn towards Hermione and let her talk.

We should do some research...

We need to be ready to find the next Horcrux, if he does come back.
We’ll have to be careful, we can’t allow anyone to see us here.

Go into the street and prepare another round of shooting numerous Zombies (Wizards, Witches, Death Eaters...) and expelling Dementors. Select Impedimenta for easily killing.

Lots of Dementors to expel

Cast-Four Points regularly and kill the Zombies on your way. You’ll meet a chest in a corner.

A Potterwatch chest

Run along the street that leads to the Graveyard.

Kill this crook first

Four-Points will lead you through a covered gate to the Church with the Graveyard around it.

Entering the Graveyard

When you approach a gravestone press A to read what is written on it. Run around the Church and find another chest.

A chest with The Daily Prophet

All gravestones are black, except one.

A black gravestone

The grayish white gravestone is the one of Harry’s parents.

In Loved Memory of James Potter + Lily Potter

21.3 (Cinematic) “The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death”

Harry is in grief seeing the grave


Harry... Harry, look at this. I’m sure I’ve seen this symbol before.

Harry: Xenophilius Lovegood was wearing it at the wedding.

Suddenly Hermione notices an old lady who’s watching them by the gate:

We should follow her...

Somehow I know we should follow her.

Harry: I don’t think this is a good idea.

Level 22