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Level 24



24.1 Some Muggle-born Wizards have been captured by Snatchers, go to their camp and free them.

You start here

WARNING: There are no Savegames in this Level. It is also far the most difficult Level I have encountered in this Game since there are at least 50 goons you have to kill plus there are 4 captivated and guarded Muggle-borns you have to set free.

Put your Invisibility Cloak on and cast Four-Points to reach the junction. Go right past the Spiders.

Avoid the Spiders


Next you can hide behind a safety rock opposite a chest.

Your safety rock

Right of the rock you can kill 6 or 7 goons that keep running in. 

Kill the goons one by one and keep hiding behind the rock

Now you can open the chest containing the Quibbler.

Open the chest to get the Quibbler

Continue along the path and cast Confringo to pass the rocks.

Confringo will free the way

You will encounter a second barrier of blocks that can be destroyed by Confringo. Eventually you will reach your main safety rock by the railroad.

This is your main safety rock

From here you’ll have to kill plenty of villains one by one – always hiding again behind your rock. Keep watching right for the long-robed priest-like Snatchers: they are the hardest to kill. 

Kill those bastards one by one

There are also goons running on the top of the bridge. Remember to take them down too, since your 4th and final Muggle-born will still be surrounded by some 5 Zombies on the railway.

When all foes on this side of the bridge are gone you will notice two Muggle-borns that have to be set free.

Two Muggle-borns

Free the first two captured Mugggle-borns.

Your first two Muggle-borns

Immediately cloak again and hide behind your rock.

From here you see some goons running around on the opposite side of the bridge arcs. Hit as many as you can from behind your rock. Cast Four-Points to find out under which arc you have to go next and cloak. There are at least 6 goons on the other side guarding the 3rd Muggle-born. Peep outside and uncloak to kill only one.

Kill them one by one, cloak and hide behind your safe rock

When all the goons on the other side are gone you can free your 3rd captured Muggle-born.

The 3rd captured Muggle-born is freed

But now comes the really hard part. The 4th Muggle-born is upstairs on the railroad. Down there all Zombies are dead but there are still about 5 guarding the last Muggle-born on the end of the track. And there is no way you can run to that location: you’ll be dead in seconds. That tin panel will be gone in no time either.

Walk up to the railroad

Cloak and get to the 4th Muggle-born. Shoot the first two goons you meet right behind the tin panel.

Shoot these two goons first and then cloak again

Now run to the Muggle-born.

Run to the 4th Muggle-born

Press A to cast Finite Incantatem.

Mission completed!

Level 25