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Immediately when Harry’s last words are spoken to Bellatrix the Credits will start rolling.

The Credits

This means The End of the Game.
If you still can’t get enough of this Game, you may open the Challenge Menu and play for getting high scores.

The Challenges

Congratulations! You have successfully finished the Game Harry Pottter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1!


This is definitely not one of the better Harry Potter Games of the series.
What should have been an Adventure Game turned out to be a 3rd Person Shooter – in disguise. You’ve been running around in various random places killing thousands of Zombies and that’s about it. There is no story line and there a no things to collect, except those stupid Newspapers in the Chests that nobody will ever read and these Potterwatches: silly conversations between Fred and George that no one will ever listen to.
It is advisable to see the Movie first before playing the Game. Parts of the movie are in the Game, but the Game certainly doesn’t follow the movie. As such, you have an idea of the story.

Basically you’ve met 5 Wizard types over and over again:
- The long robed Priest
- Mr. Sunglasses
- The Tramp
- The Witch
- The Death Eater

But this was all children’s play compared to what will wait for you in Part 2!
Here you will meet the Elite Wizards of Lord Voldemort’s gang, the real hot shots, like Snape and of course Voldemort himself.

You can have a complete list of Savegames mailed (a ZIP file less of some 100 Kb) corresponding with all the Save Blocks of the Game. This way, you may always replay a part of the Game. Instructions are included. Apply for this collection with the Gamesover site or directly with my own Email address: .

Finally a word on the Xbox360 Controller for Windows. It turned out to be not very suitable for playing this Game because of the poor control of the D-Pad. 
Often you get Garrotting Gas or Doxycide when you press for something else like an Exploding Bomb and then you’ll be dead in seconds. Moreover, that Garrotting Gas mostly affects your own face more than those of your enemies.
Secondly, the D-Pad is used to select a Spell from the wheel when you press RB.
But in reality that doesn’t work at all. You highlight a Spell but the light will dim in a second and you can’t set it. The result is that you always end up with Stupefy. If you want another Spell you have to keep tapping RB until you’ve got it and by then you’re long dead.

Now Microsoft is working on an improved version with a well working D-pad, that will be released soon. This new Controller won’t have colored buttons though.
The best platform for this Game is definitely PS3.