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Level 23


23.1 Harry and Hermione landed in the garden.

Nagini watches them from the window with frustration, for she canít get out without a Muggle-born disguise, and then sheís powerless. That was the reason why she lured them into the house as Bathilda.

This is a Cinematic sequence.

Harry... Harry, can you hear me?

Harry: We got away. We shouldnít have gone to Godricís Hollow.
Hermione: Yes. I wanted to go too; I really thought Dumbledore might have the Sword there...

But he didnít...

You were right You-Know-How knew Iíd go there. He killed Bathilda, put that Snake in her place and left her in Godricís Hollow, to wait for us.
Hermione: Harry, no, Iím sure you ought to rest.

You think ďheísĒ resting?...

You-Know-Whoís already ahead of us on every step. Ronís gone, weíve got no leads. Which means we have to catch up.

I know, I know, but...

Harry, Iíve read the book Dumbledore left me a hundred times, Iíve looked everywhere I can think of. I know there must be a clue somewhere, but... Iíll look again. You make sure weíre safe here, Iíll... Iíll look again.

Hermione walks away.

Harry: Hermione? Hermione...

23.2 This is your third set of three side Games.

You may complete the encounters in any order:

The Snatcher Camp

The Misty Dell

The Streets of Godricís Hollow

Level 24