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Level 26



26.1 Death Eaters are patrolling Godricís Hollow on the hunt for undesirables. Rescue the 6 Muggle-borns they have captured.

WARNING: There are no Savegames in this Level.

A tip during loading

Rescue the Body-Bound Muggle-borns in Godricís Hollow

Cloak from the beginning and make sure none of the Zombies sees you, for if one does all others will be warned and youíll be dead in a second.
Also do not shoot anyone of them because there will be hundreds appearing from the air, all chasing you.
So this is the message: no one must see you here. Donít come too near to any Zombie!

Turn right at the Cemetery and donít pick up any Potion that is lying there! Youíll be uncloaked and all Zombies will be nervously looking for you and start to shoot.

Go to the exit gate guarded by three Death Eaters.

The gate is guarded by three Death Eaters

Pass them very carefully until youíre in the street and turn right. Cast Four-Points to find you first Muggle-born guarded by two Death Eaters.

Two Death Eaters guard the first captivated Muggle-born

Stay left of the wall and carefully pass to the Muggle-born.

Carefully approach the captivated Muggle-born

Uncloak and press A to set her free.

Your 1st Muggle-born freed

Immediately cloak again and pass the Death Eaters. Cast Four-Points to find your 2nd captivated Muggle-born.

The 2nd Muggle-born is only guarded by one Death Eater

Itís easy to pass this one and set the Muggle-born free.

Your 2nd Muggle-born set free!

Now pass the Death Eater without being noticed.

Donít let this Death Eater see you

Basically, what you have to do now is staying cloaked, cast Four-Points to find the other 4 captivated Muggle-borns and set them free the same way. When the 6th Muggle-born is freed, the Level is completed.

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