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Level 7


7.1 This is a Run-and-Hide Level.
Youíre in a Cave full of fire-spitting Dragons. You canít fight them and Protego wonít help you from the fire. All you can do is hide from the Dragons behind a rock. 

Escape from the Dragonís Cave

There are lots of Potions to be found. One of the most precious is Fire-Protection Potion: you are protected against fire and flames for a limited time.

Always cast Four-Points to find your way out.

Four-Points will get you past the Dragons

You will encounter some Snatchers. Cast Impedimenta, and with this one defeated you will earn a new Spell: Confundo: it induces a temporary state of confusion in its target.

Earn a new Spell

On the way youíll encounter a chest containing The Daily Prophet.

Press A to collect The Daily Prophet

Dragons are everywhere. Just be careful.

Another Dragon

When you reach the Exit your Mission is completed

Mission completed

This is the third and last Mission you were charged at the end of Level 4.

Level 8