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Level 19



19.1 The forest can be a dangerous place. Some Muggle-borns have fallen prey to Acromantula and need to be freed.

Harry is backpacked in a forest for a change


WARNING: There are no Savegames in this Level.
As soon as you proceed the Spiders will appear.


The best Spell to get rid of them is Stupefy.
Don’t stay too long in a Spider area because they will keep coming. Rather cast Four-Points and get out to a next area.

Run to a
next area

Soon you’ll meet your first captured Muggle-born.

Your first of 3 Muggle-borns

Press A to cast Finite Incantatem

1 of 3 captured Muggle-borns freed!

Cast Four-Spells for your next destination and get the Spell Expelliarmus ready.

Expelliarmus will defend you against the next foes

There are about 20 or more Wizards you’ll have to fight. Fortunately there is a rock where you can hide. Sneak out killing one of them and then hide again to go restore your Health. Then kill all of them one by one.

Kill the Wizards one by one

Then you’ll meet your 2nd Muggle-born.

Press A to cast Finite Incantatem

Thank you, thank you so much.

You have now 2 of 3 captured Muggle-borns freed!

Cast Four-Points to find your last Muggle-born.

Find the way to the 3rd Muggle-born

Thank you, we’ll be safe now

You’ve rescued the three Muggle-borns.

Mission completed!

Third side Game:

Level 20