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Level 27


27.1 A conversation starts between Hermione and Harry (Cinematic).

Wish weíd move on...

I think as long as we donít move on it canít be associated with you. You should be safe.
Harry: What about Ron?
Hermione: If he was coming back, heíd be back by now. We need to move on.

27.2 Hermione and Harry are transported to the forest.

Hermione: I came here once with my mom and dad... years ago.
Harry: Iíll check for us.

Press A to cast Four-Points

Go up the stairs. Keep turning and climbing up until you reach a bridge.

Find the bridge

At the other side of the bridge youíll spot a Silver Doe running by.

Follow the Silver Doe

27.3 The Mysterious Silver Doe.

No! Come back! 

Once you follow the Silver Doe you will meet lots of Spiders and Doxies on the path. Donít stand there, just shoot the ones that are blocking your way and keep moving forward. You can shoot the Spiders with Stupefy and the Doxies with Stupefy or Impedimenta from a distance. Once you near the remaining Doxies you have to use Doxycide.

Kill Doxies from a distance with Stupefy

Use Doxycide when near

Youíll notice a rock barrier that has to be destroyed with Confringo. 

Cast Confringo on this barrier

Youíll meet five or six more barriers when following the Silver Doe. Also avoid the Whomping Willows!

Eventually the Silver Doe will lead you to a frozen pond. 

27.4 Walk to a spot where you can look through the ice and see the Sword of Godric Gryffindor lying on the bottom of the lake.

The ice spot on the frozen lake

Use a Spell to melt the ice, dive in and get the Sword out.

Godric Gryffindorís Sword on the bottom

When you come out of the water with the Sword you will meet Ron again.

Are... you... mental?

Ron and Harry shake hands.

Iím sorry... Iím sorry I left

Harry: Itís sort of good to know. Getting us out and finishing the Horcrux.
After you left, Hermione cried. Letís go the Camp. She wants to see you. 

27.5 Ron feels sorry for Hermione (something going on between these two?).

Ron: Iím sorry I left. I didnít want to leave her. That Horcrux is bad for me. Nothing affected me more than you and Hermione. 

Ask Ron to split the Horcrux Medallion Harry was wearing with Gryffindorís Sword.

Ron will destroy the Horcrux

This will cause a whole lot of snakes to appear that you have to Stupefy.

Snakes all over now

27.6 To the Camp.

Help Ron to Camp to see Hermione

This is quite some run with Snatchers, Spiders, Doxies and Whomping Willows! Youíll get them all on your plate now. Another shooter part in this Level...

27.7 Reach the railroad bridge.

Hundreds of Snatchers to Stupefy here

27.8 There is no end to the amount of Zombies and Spiders.

Through the ruins

Follow the Railroad.

On the Railroad

27.9 Ron explains why he left.

I bet Hermioneís mad with me, isnít she? I wanted to come back the minute Iíd left, just didnít know how to find you, well... until I used Dumbledoreís Deluminator.

Cast Four-Points to find the way and where more and more Spiders and Snatchers appear youíll have to Stupefy.

27.10 Youíll have to kill more and more Snatchers.

Harry to Ron: Keep talking about that little ball of light and your heart being touched Ė sheíll come around.
Ron: It was true Ė every word.

27.11 Youíve reached Hermioneís Camp.

Hermione is sitting in her tent

Harry enters.


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