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Level 4

4.1 Grimmauld Place. Didnít expect to come here again.

You think itís safe?

Harry: Wait.

Some Ghost appears and escapes outside.

What... was that?

Hermione: It must be one of the Jinxes the Order used to protect the house.
Ron: I didnít think Death Eaters could get into Grimmauld Place.
Hermione: No, but then they werenít supposed to know we were moving Harry either.

4.2 Find the Kitchen

Go left and descend the stairs to the basement. Turn right and find a new Enemy: Doxies!

Descend and turn right into the basement

You need to find Doxycide Potions in the basement to get rid of the Doxies. They are shattered all over the cellar. Collect and press D-right to get a Doxycide Potion available to throw at one or more Doxies. Aim and press RT to throw a Potion at Doxies.

Destroy Doxies with the Doxycide Potion

When all Doxies are gone your Health has increased.

The basement is empty now

4.3 Kreacherís Tale: Search Grimmauld Place

Harry, Ron and Hermione need a plan to finding the Horcruxes. Maybe Grimmauld Place holds the clues they need.
Look out for Wizard Newspapers, The Daily Prophet and The Daily Quibbler, while exploring. They have news of current events occurring the Wizarding World.
Go up the stairs to the first floor and talk with Ron and Hermione.

Ron and Hermione are still waiting on the first floor of the house

Ron: Do you think someoneís here?
Hermione: The Protective Spells the Order cast should keep people out, but letís check to be sure. We donít want any nasty surprises!
Harry: Hey, Hermione.
Hermione: We should be quiet, we donít know what else is here. Letís check the rest of the house.

Walk up the stairs and open the left door to the sleeping room

Suddenly a bunch of nasty Doxies appear. You still have some Doxycide Potions in the pocket so use them.

Throw Doxycide Potions

You donít have enough Potions though, so quickly pick up the Potions lying on the chair and get rid of the other ones before the screen gets grey and your Mission will be failed.

More Potions on the chair

When all Doxies are extinguished with the Potions you get a new Spell: Petrificus Totalus.

Your reward is Petrificus Totalus

There are still some more Doxycide Potions to be picked up in this bedroom.

Take the remaining Potions for later on

Leave the bedroom. Ron and Hermione are waiting outside.
Harry: R.A.B. Those were the initials in the fake Horcrux, the one I found with Dumbledore. Regulus Arcturus Black!

Siriusís brother?

Harry: He must have taken the real Horcrux!
Ron: A piece of Voldemortís soul...
Hermione: But how do we find it?
Harry: Kreacher.
Kreacher? I wouldnít trust that House-Elf as far as I could throw Hagrid...
Hermione: Kreacher used to live in the kitchen downstairs. I bet heís still there.

Mission: Find Kreacher the House-Elf and discover where the Horcrux is.

Go down to the kitchen in the basement (2 staircases down). Youíll meet Kreacher there:

Master, back in the Mistressí old house with the blood traitor and the Mudblood Ė

Filthy Mudblood Ė The Death Eaters will soon be coming for you!

4.4 Harry: Kreacher, Regulus owned a locket didnít he? Where is it?

Kreacher doesnít know.

Harry: But did you see it?

Kreacher does not talk to Mudbloods...

Kreacher does not betray his Master Regulus Black...!
Harry: Iím your Master now, Kreacher. What did Regulus tell you to do with the locket?
Kreacher: Destroy it. It was his last order to Kreacher!! But no matter how Kreacher tried, he could not... Kreacher betrayed his Master, Kreacher could not destroy the locket!
Harry (angry now): And what happened to it? What happened?!
Hermione: Itís no use, Harry. Heís used to being shouted at. Youíll have to think of something else.

4.5 Kreacher is mumbling to himself while polishing his shoes.

Press A to give Kreacher a fake locket

Here, Kreacher, I want you to have this...

We want to finish what Master Regulus started. We want to destroy the real locket.

Mundungus. Mundungus Fletcher. He took the locket.

Harry: Kreacher, I want to find him. Please. Find Mundungus.
Kreacher makes a deep bow and vanishes.

4.6 Continue searching Grimmauld Place.

Walk up the stairs to the first floor and open the door on your left.

The door on your left

Approach the chest on the table and press A to open it.

Press A to open the chest

Press A to collect the Potterwatch Password. 
To listen to Potterwatch Programmes, press START to pause the Game and select the Collectables Menu.

Select Collectables

Select Potterwatch

Select Pals of Potter

Now you can listen to a chit-chat between Fred and George about the things that Harry did so far. Nothing of any interest, though.
Go outside and enter the opposite door.

The opposite door

Inside there is a shaking cabinet.

Something is locked in that cabinet

Approach the cabinet and a Dementor will emerge.

When close to Dementors, tap and then tap and hold LB to conjure a Patronus

Repeat this 4-5 times until the Dementor vanishes.

4.7 Investigate the crashing sound.

Go down to the kitchen in the basement and find Mundungus fighting with two Elves: Kreacher and Dobby. Stop Mundungus before he escapes.

Gerroff me!

Cast Petrificus Totalus to stop Mundungus before he escapes.
Hello, Harry Potter! ...Get these ďouse-elvesĒ off me!
Harry: You took a locket from here. Where is it?
Mundungus: Why? Is it valuable?
Harry: Youíve still got it.
Ron: No. Heís worried he should have got more money for it.
Mundungus: This Ministry had made me sell it. Practically stole it she did! Unbridge I think Ďer name was.
Harry: Umbridge?


And now I told you what you want. You can leave me out of this!
Harry: Umbridge is big at the Ministry again. Hardly leaves the place.
Mundungus shakes the Elves off and disappears.
Ron: Then weíll have to find a way in. That locket is the only Horcrux we know about. We have to get it!

Talk and listen to Hermione

You do realize, donít you, that thereís probably no more dangerous place in the whole world for us to be?
Ron: Hermioneís right, mate, theyíll be on the lookout for us.
Harry: Can you think of another way?
Hermione: Weíll have to do some reconnaissance trips, to work out the safest way to get inside.
Ron: See you later, Harry.
And they both vanish.

4.8 Now Harry may complete the Encounters in any order:

The Abandoned Substation

The Ruins

The Dark Caves

Select any of these three to start a new Level.