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Level 18


18.1 The Muggle-born Registration Commission is imprisoning innocent Muggle-borns at the Ministry. Free them!

WARNING there are no Savegames in this Level.

Harry starts here: immediately cloak

Proceed and cast Four-Points to find your first destination

Your first destination is on the right.
There are two creeps guarding a detention cell. You must to get past them and enter the cell. 

A Wizard and a Death Eater are guarding left and right of the cell door

Follow the right wall and turn exactly in front of the door. The creeps won’t notice you. 

Stand straight in front of the door

Then sprint inside. The door will open and the creeps won’t have time to stop you. Free the first Muggle.

Press A to cast Finite Incantatem

Thank you so much.

You have now 1/7 Muggle-borns freed.

Outside the cell often some Dementors attack you through the bars. If you expel some of them your Health will be increased.

Expelling Dementors may increase your Health

To get safely out of a jail grab a bottle of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. Press D-down to get one temporarily available. It will be seen on the right side of the screen.

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

Run out and throw the bottle of Peruvian into the faces of the Guards by pressing RT. They’ll be blinded for a while. Run away and cloak as fast as you can. Do not fight the Sorcerers, Witches or Death Eaters. Your Spells are not powerful enough in here and you’d be dead any minute: Mission Failed!
Run left or right – it doesn’t matter. The corridors are all circular and there are small connections where you can hide.
Being cloaked they have to shoot in the wild, but if one incidentally hits you your Invisibility Cloak will disappear. Press Y to cloak again. Keep running and look left and right to find an exit to a next circus.
Keep being cloaked and wait. Dementors will always attack you here. Where they fly near, the cloak will disappear and you will have to expel them. Then immediately cloak again. The other creeps won’t follow you to the side corridors because they can’t see you anyway.

A connection between two corridors

All you have to do is repeat the same tactics. Stay cloaked and Cast Four-Points to your next destination. Enter a cell and free the Muggle inside. Use Peruvion to get out and hurry to the next sideway. Fight lots of Dementors and get a stronger Health.

Always stay cloaked casting Four-Points

Now start rescuing all the remaining Muggle-borns.

2 of 7 captured Muggle-borns freed

Cheers for that. I never thought I’d be free, thank you.

You have now 3 of 7 captured Muggle-borns freed.

Your 4th Muggle

Cheers for that.

This was your 5th Muggle-born freed

Free your 6th captured Muggle-born:

Thank you, thanks from all of us.

And finally free your 7th and final captured Muggle-born:

Thank you, we’ll be safe now.

Mission Completed

You will then be given a selection between the two other side Games. Press A in the screen to select.

Level 19