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Level 28


28.1 Harry, Ron and Hermione are having a chat outside.

Find Xenophilius Lovegood’s house

Cast Four-Points and destroy the Doxies on your way with Doxycide.

Take care of the Doxies

28.2 Crossing the water you’ll have to deal with Dementors and Snatchers.

Dementors and Snatchers

Also more Doxies will appear on your way. Ron and Hermione will help you Stupefying them.

Cast Confringo here and deal with more Dementors

Next it keeps on raining Doxies.

When you’re out of Doxycide, Stupefy them

28.3 For a change, meet your usual Acromantula

Spiders on your way

28.4 Whomping Willows!

Avoid the slashes of the Whomping Willows

Then meet the Inferi once again.

You can only Stupefy the Inferi

Meet a rock barrier.

Cast Confringo here

Then again... more Spiders and Doxies.


You are now reaching Xenophilius Lovegood’s home.

28.5 Speak to Lovegood.

Excuse me, Mr. Lovegood?

Who are you?
I am Harry Potter, we’ve met at the wedding.

Of course, come inside.

Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the house of Mr. Lovegood.

28.6 You are trapped in that house.

Stage one: three minutes remaining

Ron: Why did he say that?! He must have known they’d come.
Harry: Of course he knows. It’s Luna. He’s giving them us to save Luna.
How are we going to get out of this.

You’ll find three open accesses out of this trap.
Hermione: I can’t move this, you’ll have to keep them back!

Fight the Snatchers and the Dementors.

Another fight on life and death...

Here comes the final stage...

One minute remaining

More Dementors are flying in.

Expel the Dementors

28.7 They have to find a way out of there.

Harry: Hermione, we’ll have to leave.
Hermione: It’s moving.
Ron: It’s the Snatchers! They’re inside.
Harry: Hermione!
Hermione: Ron! Harry! Take my hand!

The entire house is exploding but our friends can escape.


Level 29