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Level 22



22.1 This is the first Boss Level in your Game.

Follow the Mysterious Lady


She walks into the street and turns left into a house.

The woman enters a house

Follow her inside the house

22.2 (Cinematic)

Youíre Bathilda, arenít you?

Hermione: Harry...

Hermione, itís Bathilda Bagshot, she knew Dumbledore...

She might have the Sword.

Hermione: Thereís something strange about her.
Hermione is right. Remember the scene with Voldermort in the Introduction where Bathilda was kept in a bag and that evil serpent Nagini joined the scene?

Harry: She wants me to go upstairs...

Itís all right... just stay here.

Iím Harry... Harry Potter...

Have you got something for me? Did Dumbledore leave something?

Bathilda points at something behind Harryís back

Harry turns around but sees nothing. Meantime Bathildaís eyes are turning into the eyes of a snake. Harry turns back and faces Nagini!

22.3 Nagini was disguised as Bathilda and now shows her true appearance!

Encounter Nagini and thwart ALL her attempts to strike!

You have only one Spell to shoot at her head - Stupefy - but you canít lock on. Therefore you must aim at her head when it is not moving and cast the Spell.

Each blast straight to the head will weaken her down

If you can hit her long enough she will punch you in the chest with her head (something giant snakes use to do).

22.4 The punch will smash Harry to the floor.

Harry will tumble into another room

Nagini will follow him.

The battle will continue in the next room

This is the 2nd round. Try to focus on Naginiís head and cast Stupefy.

Nagini moves much faster now

Hit her with more blasts.

Ouch! ...that hurts!

Nagini prepares for another punch into Harryís chest.

Watch out for the next punch

22.5 Harry is knocked to the floor.

On the floor

But Harry gets a second punch from Naginiís head and tumbles into another room.

Your 3rd round is coming

Aim at that head and cast Stupefy many times.

Ouch Ö now that really hurts!

22.6 This time Nagini changes tactics.

Nagini escapes through the chimney

She breaks through the wall and attacks Harry from above.

Nagini grabs Harry in a curling grip and throws him into the next room

This is the 4th round.

Give that evil monster a good portion of Stupefy

22.7 Now Nagini is getting really pissed off.

Nagini heavily attacks Harry

22.8 Harry is thrown into the room where Hermione is waiting.


Hermione is protecting Harry who is lying on the floor.


Then, Nagini escapes through a hole in the floor.

Hermione, heís coming... Voldemortís coming.

Hermione opens the window with Confringo, and she escapes with Harry.

But the snake is watching them from the window

Level 23